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A few days before all three of us were in Siam Paragon shopping center and had gone to visit Siam Ocean World, on the bottom floor of the building.  It was the beginning of a holiday weekend and line up was out of control.  The other trouble is several places in Bangkok crank up their air con to very cool temperatures.  For people like me who are from cooler climates it is no trouble but poor Voon was freezing in her light t-shirt and shorts.  So we decided we would come back another day and go see a movie instead.

On the way back from Ko Samet Benny told me Voon would like to go back to Siam Ocean World.  I kind of think it was more that Benny wanted to go but since thier conversation was in Loas I will never know.
  This will be a bit of a challenge in the future as both Voon and Benny fluenty speak both Thai and Laos so until I learn those languages I might miss a few things.  Man what could I have gooten away with as a kid if one or both of my parents could not speak my language.  So the day after we got back to Bangkok we went and bought Voon a warmer shirt and I let Benny borrow a warmer shirt from me and off we were to the aquarium. 

I am not a big fan of aquarium but not for any moral reasons.  For some reason looking into glass tanks full moving water make me sick and dizzy.  I can look into lakes or oceans from above with no trouble but aquariums always cause me trouble.  The things you do for your girls.

To be honest I was mostly impressed here.
  Most aquariums I have been to have been around Vancouver and specialized on showing norther and Pacific species.  Ocean World was displaying fish that are more common in the tropics especially in and around the waters of Thailand.  Most importantly Voon was having a great time.  She did give my a scare when I could not find her for over 10 minutes.   I had warned her not to wander off before we came and she had promised to be good so I was a bit mad.  It kind of is funny to need to have someone translate for you as you are giving your soon to be step-daughter shit.  I think she got the message because she did say "I sorry, I sorry" many times.  Best of Voon stayed close for the rest of the day and still had a great time.

The next day we had to return Voon to her home.
  She was about to start her third year of school and we still had some traveling to do.  As happy as it was a week before to see Voon and Benny reunited and it was just as sad to see them be seperated.  I dream of the day when this no longer happens and both mom and daughter are together again.  Of all of us I think I was the one that had to harderest time no crying.  This is one of those cases when life is not fair.  It is also one of those times when I realise how lucky I have been in my life and continue to be lucky.  No matter how bad things are for me I know my life has never been as unfair as it has been for this young girl.  Even through all of this she is a happy girl who excels at school.

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Hey you are not a fish!
Hey you are not a fish!
photo by: Deats