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Eastern Bus Station
Morning time and it we were off to the the Eastern Bus Station, sometimes called Ekamai Station.  To get to Ko Samet you ride a bus from this station to a small ocean side city named Ban Phe from where you take a passenger ferry to the island.  The was an exciting part of the trip for me as this island is the first place Benny and I traveled together the previous year.  This time we were going with Voon as a kind of family.

Last time we went we barely made a bus as it was rolling down the street and ended taking the slowest bus I had every rode on made worse as it did not have a washroom.
  This time we made sure we got on a bus that that was quicker and had a toilet on board.  For bus lovers the Eastern Bus Station is great.  There are many different types of buses going to many different cities in Thailand so I was soon wandering around with my camera clicking away.  I got some strange looks from some of the driver and other staff until I explained I drive a bus in Canada.

After a four hour bus ride we were in Ban Phe.  I have been here a couple of times and the only thing to do in Ban Phe is buy your ferry ticket maybe book your hotel from the booking desk and stock up on some beach supplies as the prices are cheaper here then on the island.  We ate some noodle soup from one of the vendors as we waited for the ferry and then we off onto the Bay of Thailand sailing towards paradise.

I love Ko Samet.  It is easy to get to from Bangkok.  It is small so it is very easy to get around and it has a bunch of nice small beaches to chill on.  It also as a good mixture of Thais and farangs visiting so you know you can use your English here without troubles but not every traveler is white so still feel you are in Thailand.  On the ride over Voon was just so excited she was vibrating.  The little girl has not had many chances to travel and this was going to be her first trip to an island.  In her broken English she kept asking me if I would swim with her in the ocean.

The ferry we took arrived on the other end of the island then the boat we rode last year.
  No trouble we were actually much closer to our hotel then I expected.  The only trouble was the pier was full of other boats.  Instead of waiting for space our captain just pulled next to another ferry and ties up to her.  To get to the pier we had to walk through two other boats and then walk along a narrow wooden board before we were finally on the board.  I have the balance of an drunk elephant on roller skates so doing all of this as the boats went up and down in time with the waves and while wearing my heavy backpack was a bit challenging. 

Next step was to find a ride to our hotel White Sand Resort.  Getting a ride on Ko Samet just look for the bright green trucks.  There are very few trucks on the island and all of them seem to be green.  These basically are the public transit system of island.
Our hotel
  All you do is find the driver of the truck, sometimes you have to wake him up, tell him where you want to go to and bargain a price.  Should not be more then 50 baht a person.  Fro us it was easy because there were a bunch of trucks waiting and a bunch of us got into the bakc of one truck and rode into the main village of Ko Samet.  I think it cost only 50 baht for all three of us.  The only thing to do was to pay the park ranger a fee to enter as the island is a National Park.  Last time we were here they were not collecting the fee but this time the guard kept telling every passenger, "Everyone pay today.". 

Shortly we were unloading at our hotel.  I now remember walking past this place last year and happily it is right on the beach.  Or bungalow is just down a lane and only about 200 meters for the beach. We can't quite see the beach but it is close enough.  Bad news though is I think there must have been some chillies in the soup we had in Ban Phe as I am feeling sick.  I get to spend the next 12 hours being sick in paradise with a high fever.  Good thing is this food reaction goes through me quickly and the next day I am ready to hit the beach.  While I am trying to stay cool in our room Voon and Benny spend the rest of the day on the beach enjoying some time together.

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Eastern Bus Station
Eastern Bus Station
Our hotel
Our hotel
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