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Found this on a travel agent window. Too bad that is a photo of the Rockies.
It is getting harder and harder to write this as I keep putting it off.  Hard to believe it already has been 3 months since I was in Singapore.

Now I am not a big theme park fan.  I have twice been to the gates of Disneyland and not gone in.  Three times I have been to Universal Studios and all I have done is watch some movies at a nice theater there.  The closest I had been to a theme park was a few of the fall fairs that my province has in September and October or the one year I went to the Calgary Stampede.  So on this hot muggy Singapore day I found myself looking at the price board of the Sentosa Island, Singapore's theme park.  After a bit of discussion Benny and I decided to pay the price.

To get to the island you can take a gondola from the city.
The harbor
  Benny took one look at that and said no way.  You can drive and after our experience in Georgetown that was not going to happen or take a interesting monorail to the island.  We chose the monorail because it was free with a ticket to the theme park.  There seems to be three trains that run on this short line, one colored like a plum, one like a lime and another like an orange.  Not sure if that is the planned idea but that is what it looked to me.  The train starts from the Harborfront shopping center and arrives in the middle of the theme park.

Sentosa Island has everything a tourist needs if he or she is trying to forget they are in Asia.  There are rides and beaches and western food everywhere.  There a bunch of luxury hotel and even a couple of golf course on the island.
  You really can tell that there are American investors involved in this park and their influence can be seen everywhere. 

Not to say we did not have a good time.  We spent some time on the beach.  We rode some rides and watch a 4D pirate movie that starred a Canadian actor.  I ate some German food while I looked a a Merlion.  We even went up a mini Space Needle contraption that gave us an excellent view of both the Singapore skyline and the ocean that almost surrounds this city state.

After a few hours of this I was ready for some real Singapore.  I had read that the British had a lot power in the earlier days or this city so I went to see what that meant these days.  We took the subway to the Clarke Quay area.
  Clarke Quay is like many areas in many port cities including Vancouver.  It used to be a bad part of two and the warehouse district.  As industries changed the area was redone as a tourist and party area.  We spent a while just wandering along the boardwalk that straddles both sides of the Singapore River in this part of town.  There is a lot of food from all over the world here.  It is a nice casual walk the only trouble coming from all the severs almost begging you to eat in their restaurant. 

We followed the river until we got into what had to be the location of the British Crown when they still governed Singapore.  The buildings style looked very British and kind of reminded of me of some of our Canadian railway hotels.  I really enjoyed walking around this area but I suspect Benny did not enjoy it as much as I did.  The best part was there was a international rugby tournament being played in a temporary stadium at the cricket club right along the river.  Looking through the fence I catch glimpses or the match and could easily hear the fun the spectators where having.   It really felt like I was walking around Victoria British Columbia on a summer night.

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Found this on a travel agent windo…
Found this on a travel agent wind…
The harbor
The harbor
Really cool carving found in the f…
Really cool carving found in the …
Some nice old English style buildi…
Some nice old English style build…