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Dubai International Airport,besides Dubai Duty Free Picture in large Format.

    My full name is Lahcen  Belhaj `c` pronouce as `s`,I am 26 years old,I am Moroccan male,I was born in Agadir city which is the 3rd or even the 2nd best touristic destination after Marrakech.I obtained a Bachelor`s degree in 2006.I have had very little work experiences in different domains especially commerce and Social activities.I had been applied for many jobs,but in vain.Why ?simply because the salary was not satisfied or I did not pass the interview.

   Dubai Duty Free was the window to reach my goals to have a permanent job and explore the world,when almost 100 Moroccans both females and males and I Passed the interview in June,2007.we provided them with the necessary documents and at the beginning of the new year 2008(4th Jan),they offered us a visa and a free ticket.

   We flied to Dubai on Friday,Jan 05th,2008.When we reached Dubai On Saturday,Jan 05th,2008 at 11:15 a.m,they provided us with the accommodation covering Electricity,water,furniture and gas with a very little deduction from our salary every month.Apart from that,they supply us free transportation.And all the Staff thanked them for that.The 2nd day of our arrival,we started having training concerning how to deal with Passengers and Customers.They trained us about The World Class Service,Grooming Standard and how to sell the items and how to deal with customers in general.In Duty Free we accept different kinds of sale transactions,I mean to say you can sell items using Credit cards,Travel`s Cheque,Voucher no change and of course cash .Before we finshed our training we had some exercises about how to welcome and to sale items to the passenger,how to handle money...etc.We spent 7 day in training department .After that,they gave us our Uniforms:2 Green jackets,4 black pants,3 ties,2 pairs of black shoes,3 white shirts and temporary pass.Next day,they sent us to Duty Free,and they located us in differents Shops:Fashions,Cosmetics,Parfumes,Foodplus,Cigarettes,Electronics,Sports,glasses and Pharmacy.In the first 3 days we just stand besides Experienced Sales Assistants as trainees to see and know how they sale items and deal with customers.Then they told us to sale the items ourselves and our trainers were besides,in case of any mistake especially in term of cash.After 3 months of training in the field and holding temporary pass,they located us in another area and they give us our Permanent Pass that allows us to enter and leave the Airport.For me,I was located in food plus and cigarette the 1st 3 months and 15 days .Then I worked in DVDs and Music.In June,2008 I worked with DCA(Department of Civil Aviation) as a Volunteer in Summer Contingency because the Airport becomes very busy and crowded in every summer season.Our duty is to make the operations of entering and leaving passengers very fast and smooth to stop the rush.As the summer was over,we moved to the Emirates new Terminal 3,to familiarise with every area and location,as it is among the largest and attractive Terminal in the World.We spent there almost 1 month.In 14th October 2008,the airport opened to flights especially to GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council)countries,US,Canada and Brazil.After later,they opened the flights to Middle East and Africa then Europe then the last destinations are Asia.Why?simply the management of this Terminal benefits from London Heathrow 5th Terminal when they opened it for all the flights  at once and tens of British Airways flights were Cancelled because of the luggage disorganisations.Anyhow,now I work in new terminal 3 with DCA as a Support team,helping passengers to reach their flights in good conditions,providing them with the flight procedures and the locations and everything that they are looking for.Sometimes I work at the information desk,some times just raoming through the terminal...etc.I am very proud to work in this position.I like helping people not only at the Airport but also in everywhere,it is part of my hobbies and characters.If I served a person,I feel happy to do that,as we are always advised by our religion to do so.My schedule is 4 days off and 4 days working:2 days morning and 2 days night and 12 hrs in every duty.My Salary is ok and it gets increased every year and when I have overtimes.I have a very good relation with other staff and our manager.Over than 4000 staff work in the airport.I my freetimes,I sleep,cook,watch TV,surf the net,go shopping,do some sports(jogging),read,write,like what I do now...etc.As language is the 1st vital element to integrate and adapt with the Society and the people,I know Both Arabic and English that are the two official languages in Dubai.Local people are modest and friendly.No terrorism and Rasism effect here.Here is a very safe area in which you can enjoy your life.Concerning The weather here,in Summer is very hot it reaches up to 40 degree C.But in other seasons almost 25.Like today,it is foggy and cool.The Population is mixed:The country's total population was estimated at around 4.48 million at the end of 2007 and is projected to grow 6.12 per cent to nearly 4.76 million at the end of 2008 and by 6.31 per cent to 5.06 million at the end of 2009.In 2008, the local population is forecast to grow by 3.2 per cent against 6.8 per cent for the expatriates while growth in natives next year is projected at 3.4 per cent and in the foreign population at nearly 6.9 per cent.most expatriates came from India,Pakistan,The Phillipines,Egypt,Morocco,UK,US and other nationalities.Up to now,changing the job has not crossed my mind.

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Dubai International Airport,beside…
Dubai International Airport,besid…
photo by: ubirds