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Malmo is one of those places most people would only really go to because Ryanair chooses to fly there. As a tourist hot spot it's a bit lacking in, well, things to do. Especially heading in to winter. Anyway, we'd not been to Sweden, flight cost 0.02p return (plus tax of course) and we had not a lot to do that weekend in any case.
The trip got off to an slightly delayed start courtesy of the always-organised Ryanair. We spent about an hour sitting around waiting to take off, before we were told we needed to de-ice again otherwise the plane wouldn't fly. Something of a concern given the 2 hour flight time, but never mind - we'd later find out what being on a plane being de-iced is like, and we can say with some certainty that they didn't bother.

So, we arrived in Malmo with no clear idea of what we were really doing there, but plans to have a few drinks, and not really do much. We stayed in the local campground, which was mostly closed for renovations given that it was nearly winter and this was Sweden.

The centre of Malmo is fairly nice, a few old bits around, and very, very clean. The word "honest" doesn't really begin to describe you're average Swede. London, or Australia for that matter, you'd pull up on your bike and lock it. In Sweden, you stop, put the stand down and walk away. If someone accidentally knocks it over, the pick it up.

We also found a fantastic little steak restaurant place. Don't know if it was authentic Swedish or not - no meatballs or smorgasbord (which suggests it probably was!) - but the food was pretty good. Think we ate there three times, plus they had a fantastic range of flavoured beer, which we made a great attempt at trying all of.

The bridge across to Denmark is the big thing in Malmo, but once you've looked at it, you've kind of seen it. That really was all we did, but hey, now we can say we've been to Sweden!
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photo by: the_bill