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From missing a parking ticket, resulting in not being able to retrieve the Vespa, to buying a pair a slippers and leaving it behind somewhere, plus walking the stairs up many floors in the hotel only to realise my room key was still at the reception counter and waking up late almost missed my flight to Danang...what a day.

How forgetful!

Yes, woke up at luxury! Skipped breakfast and headed to Sinh Cafe which was located just a few streets away. Had no idea what itenarary for the next few days but I knew I wanted to move north and see Danang, Hue and Hoi An. The place was already packed with tourists and backpackers alike and when it was my turn I asked for the best package for the next 3 days.

The guy behind the counter just kept making calls and calls, speaking in Vietnamese. In the end he told me:

Tomorrow fly to Danang. You go to Hue. Stay hotel.  Next day to Hoi An by bus. Stay hotel. And next day fly to Hanoi. Okay?

Huh...wait! That simple? I was probably still blurry without my breakfast and I couldn't digest his suggestion and put them on a time line. I continued to ask more questions because the deal seemed complete but if scrutinized...missing some links. Like how am I going to travel to Hue from Danang? How to find the hotels? The answers: On your own.

It got more complicated later with more offers and I didn't want to confuse myself further on this lazy morning so I agreed to his deal and paid 3,300,300 VND.

Paid with my credit card with additional surcharge.  I thought the price was slightly higher than what I expected but  I couldn't bargain.  I took all my receipts and documents needed for my travels with Sinh Cafe and was reminded to return later for my air tickets to be prepared.

Straight for breakfast then at a pho restaurant which was popular with the locals. Guided by a local friend and thankful to him, the pho was good! Paid 135,000VND for our meals, which I think was a bit pricey compared to having noodles back in Kuala Lumpur. Then went touring around town, just like last night, except it's all day and bright! Had a brief visit to Ben Thanh market to get a pair of sandals. Got a pair of Puma at just 50,000VND. Neat! It soon became ugly later when the parking ticket for the Vespa was lost and when you lose the ticket you cannot claim your bike.

How then? You gotta find the owner of the bike to come and provide document to proof ownership of the bike.  Bummer! After runnning around here and there and with some phone calls, managed to get the owner to come for the bike the next morning.

(hey, I was worrying too much for the bike that I forgot my sandals were still kept under the Vespa seat)

Earlier, got to experience the Toyota taxis, in the afternoon I was on the Vespa again, evening I was on my foot and when I got tired, stopped at Highland Coffee, which I believe is a successfull coffee joint in Vietnam because soon I discovered more of it almost every corner of town.  All I did there was enjoy my drink and watch people on the streets from inside. Felt like a rich spoilt kid sitting inside doing nothing but watching the day goes by outside with people from all walks of life.


Dinner was this authentic vietnamese cuisine (wait, I gotta find the business card to remember its name) with a bunch of guys- 5 of us. The place was about 30 mins from town, nicely tucked away in a dark alley. Who knew this place had this great restaurant? I was of course the guest of honour, hahaha, and all the food they ordered was my first try, even the snails...they were delicious!

Later at night we went to this jazz bar but sat only a while because one of the guys had a better idea; for us to go have drinks along that whatchamacallit street. People just sit on low stools along the road side, not much light, just the moonlight but the street is abuzz with people drinking and chatting. We ordered many type of snacks from the vendors there, some as old as a granny and even a young boy- maybe 7yo! They ordered quail's eggs for me.

I've always loved them. But this time, they were a bit crunchy but still tasted good. I took one and then two. Then they asked me to looked at the eggs. Too dark, I took out and turned on the lights on my mobile phone. The eggs looked not pretty. Something's not right.  Then it hit me....balut! I've watched them on reality tvs and travel wonder they were crunchy. I took another one into my mouth. I wanted more...haha, but I should stop because I still have more than 10 more days to go and I didn'tt want to fall sick, just in case. But really, I wanted to eat more.

Who knew I'm this adventurous, gastronomically.

Went back hostel late, rushed up to room on the 4th floor and shucks, my keys with the owner! Down I ran to get my keys and up again. Haha. Lights off after shower.

(but wait, I didn't go collect my air tickets yet right? oh no....)

ckwai7 says:
haha...been there done that eh? :D
Posted on: Dec 28, 2008
jaeWALK says:
don't you just love the flight of stairs to get to your room? haha!
Posted on: Dec 27, 2008
ckwai7 says:
Of course I'm! :) Merry Xmas!
Posted on: Dec 24, 2008
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