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The Pam-American Highway is still rugged south of Tamazunchale. Hotels are far less common. The road is a narrow two lane. Guardrails are typically short, damaged or absence. Early morning starts can be hampered by sudden very dense fog banks. Late afternoon driving can be hazardous at times due to blinding sun glare. No level of polarized lenses removes this glare. I have travel this road a number of times since the late 70s. I recommend not to start in the morning before 9:00 AM and you may still encounter dense fog banks. If you are on the road and it is after 3:00 PM and you see a hotel of any kind, stop and get a room. The buses and trucks are willing drive through these blinding situations because they are bigger than most other vehicles and the odds are they will win in a collision.
These types of eateries are numerous along the older roads throughout Mexico. Some are excellent and some will make you sick. The majority fall some where in the middle. The controlling factor is the experience of the cook preparing your meal. Is this his or hers first attempt at a restaurant. Restaurant La Granja west side of Highway 85 just south of La Calera Alvaro was just average in quality and portion size. However the view of the mountains and small valley below is outstanding. This is on the edge of citrus country. There were piles of oranges being stored on the shady side of this eatery. The aroma truly enhanced this eating experience.
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Restaurant La Granja.
Restaurant La Granja.
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La Calera Alvaro
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