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A short work trip to Yogya in Central Java made me to think to have a quick escape to see a bit about this old city, and i always wanted to see this old city with its magnificent buildings especially surrounding the Sultan's palace. 

Yogyakarta, a.k.a Yogya, a.k.a Jokja lies in the southern of Central Java, a city with magnificent historical and cultural heritage and the centre of Mataram Dynasty (1575 - 1640), all still exist the Sultan, the kraton (palace), market even houses still exist with hundreds years of age.

There are many historical sites you can see in Yogya, from Sultan's palace to temple & other interesting old buildings, but because i already seen the Sultan's palace then my choice now only buildings surround the palace and temples which you cant reach in walking distance. thought was Taman Sari or the Water Castle very near with the palace, which already renovated by the government becoming a beautiful Water Castle like it used to be (well at least some part of it :-))

The Water Castle...beautiful was a resting place for The Sultan and his families, a meditation place also vacation...built in late 17th century by The 1st Sultan of Yogyakarta, designed by Portuguese architect...not only for recreational & meditation place but also compound of bathing pools, canals, rooms and big pools...

Onced you enter this superblock (at that time) i might say :-) you'll see ruins, and houses inside the ruins...still you can feel how great it used to not only a Water Castle complex but also housing complex.

Funny coz you can actually see the living room of a family's house or even their kitchen from the main hall of this castle...there are no rules you can just build something hahaha.

There are many gates to enter this place, the main gate where you have to pay very small fee (that including you have to pay if you bring camera) and other gates are for free coz you enter from houses yards which you can just walk...this place divided into names according to the tunnels or towers or halls...but there's a very high tower used to be a hall where you can climb onto it and see almost entire this Water Castle.

The thing that i like is the main pool of this castle and also the praying room with (sued to be) a pool to washed yourself before the Sultan pray...also the room for meditating...very gloomy & kinda spooky room actually :-)

Kids here almost everyday making this place into their playground...running here and there, hide & seek, or just chit-chatting inside the tunnel coz obviously it's cooler the outside :-) when you are here you just like step into a labyrinth...which used to be CASTLE!

great website to explore yogya :



togatorop says:
lovely place...
Posted on: Jul 24, 2010
sparky76 says:
deket banget sama keraton...adanya dibelakang keraton...naik becak paling cuman 3 sampe 4 ribu kali yah...
Posted on: Jul 08, 2007
noran says:
ini dimananya jogja?
wah jd nyesel gak k sini waktu ke jogja dulu...
Posted on: Jul 07, 2007
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photo by: siscalustiawati