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Hey everybody hope you are all well. Well where to start?
Day umm 7 i think
Started off with a nice morning swim in chel's pool then off to orchard road (the main shopping street) and along it for a while then off to a market for a bit of shopping and lunch and finally back to chel's in the avo to pack for the trip.  Chel's mum dropped us at the airport at about 7 although we had a 10;40 flight because she had a meeting but luckely we managed to get the 8.30 flight which arrived in bangkok at about 11pm.  thought  about how to get into town but eventually took a local bus which was funny from the airport cos us a whole 5bhat each (umm about 15cents) with alot of old thai women laughing at us.  finally arrived at the train statinon in the centre of town which we though we had missed as we didnt know where we were going then got a took took to khao san road which is the backpackers drag.  it was crazy the oddest street i had ever been in but considering it was almost 1pm by now i wasnt supprised.  we managed to find a hotel after walking past shops pubs and nightclubs and a lot of ladyboys around as well as alot of other backpackers arriveng with their big packs as well. the hotel cost us 450bht which was pretty expensive $15Au but everywhere else seemed pretty full and it had aircon and hot water.  so pretty much just crashed there.
Day 8.  had a very odd breakfast at a very funney little street stall of egg, noodles and dried fish but unluckey chel's got some prawn in heres so didnt feel that well but she recovered pretty quickely (shes got the same alergy to shelfish as i do) the breakfast was our cheepest meal so far but the most dangerious porably too at only 55cents for 2 big plates of stuff.  (anyway chel's is getting impatiant with me and wants to go and relax at ankor wat so id better hurry up.)  then wandered around the temples of bangkok for the mornign which were amazing but we didnt got to the main one coz it costs 8$ each but the other ones were better as banks dad explained later.  then we caught up with bank (one of my freinds from school) and went out with him and kelvin (another mate) and looked around the main mall of bangkok in the center which was only just opened a week ago.   it was huge with all these ferrari's and cool cars around and the most expensive stores you could find.  then went to banks place and relaxed and played monopoly for a while before going out to dinner with his mum and later his dad to this greek restraunt which was awsom heaps of bread and pizza.  back to the hotel after a bit of a drive around the city.
Day 9 did a bit of shopping in the morning again and chels started her scaff buying spree (she is up to 5 but still looking) then met up with aim and had lunch with him (another freind from school) we then went to this art exibition with him which was like an hours drive away and walked around there is was crazy like one of those realy yuppy shops with all the odd chairs and stuff and really expensive too.  then chels and i went by the train to the thai boxing stadium where it cost like $30 au each to get in so expensive but it was pretty cool to watch not quite as i expected but heaps of yelling thai guys placing bets and stuff.  a good experience.  then went to the night bazar which was an upmarket bazar place.
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