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Hey everybody yes im still alive.  Things have been going great.  I arrived about an hour late after my flight was delayed because it got snowed in, in vienna so that was a good start but met some cool people to entertain me.  So finally arrived after 2 and a half movies at 12:30pm and was supprised by the lack of customs in singapore airport which i just picked up my bag and walked out.  Met Chels and her Mum there and we came to her appartment which is pretty nice 3br on the 4th story with a pool out the front.  i was amazed by how nice and green singapore is the main road from the airport was amazing so cool and green lined with trees almost the whole way across the island. So as it was 4am my time when i arrived fell asleep pretty quickely. 

Day 2,  (well actually the first day as i arrived after midnight ;)  ) 

got up nice and late (8am) late as it was ment to be 11am my time, and headed off to have breakie with chelc and her mum.  went to this little prata breakfast place which was suppost to be one of the best around and had a collection of egg, cheese and onion prata's which were pretty nice luckely chelc's mum is good at ordering for everyone so didnt have to pick from a variety of confusing things.  So had that and then proceded to some nice temples an indian one and a chineese one which chelc didnt know much about but knew some of the gods and stuff.  (shes not very religious but just enough to please her mum).  After that went shopping at some cool little stores and already bought enough souviners to fill my bag.  Oh yeah and i also got a cool new phone from chelc for christmas.  then went to a IT mall which i bought a 512mb card for my camera and an extra battery for $100 aus.  I thought that would be big enough being able to take well over 1000 pics on the middle resolution.  then went to dinna with chelc's mum and off to the night safari at the zoo.  it was cool you could see everything like lepoards, tigers, lions, bats, rhino (which was so so big), crocodiles and everything (plus the bongos)  which were all pretty cool coz they were so active at night.  then they had this show thing with owl's, otters and wolves which was good fun except there were so many people there.  finally got home at about 1am. 

Day 3 up nice and early at 5.30 and onto the ferry to indonesia.  the ferry took and hour but the time diffrence was and hour so arrived at about 8am ready for a day on the beach.  It was so amazing the ammount of ships on the straight between singapore and indo it was crazy. the resort place was really nice but the weather was a bit dark in the morning but because of this we were swimming for ages and i managed to fry my entire back very well so im now scratching away like mad with sunburn.  hired a boogie board for a while and went for a nice walk.  For new years had a nice relaxed party at the resort place which turned out to be pretty lively with quite a few people and some nice dance music.  and loads of fireworks.

Day 4, relaxed on the beach and had a nice snooze in the afternoon to make up for the lack of sleep.  then hired a kayak for a while in the avo and managed to get my feet burnt again.  and that was about it for the day.

Day 5,  had a awsome breakfast of hashbrowns,  chineese porrage, muffins and everything else.  then packed the room up and left our bags at the lobby.  went for a walk to a resort next door and played a game of giant chess (lifesize - well chelc life size anyway) against Chelc  ( I won but chelc will say diffrently) na it was a stalemate in the end after about 2 hrs.  then got the bus and ferry back to singapore and had a nice evening in as it was already 7 when we got back. 

Day 6 got up and wondered about what to do and eventually go the MRT (singapore rail system thing)  to little india which was cool just heaps of indian stuff and a big temple and things.  then went to santosa which is this massive resort island to the south of singapore.  its like this tourist island with this big merlion thing and a big observation tower and these awsom gardens, and a cool beach that was really nice but a tad fake.  ( chelc is winging about her purple spots now which she aquired for sandflies in bintan).  saw this nice macaw bird show which was cool they were counting and talking and stuff.  also saw this amazing musical fountain show which was this big pool with all these fountains that were dancing to the music which played.  that was pretty amazing im going to build one one day when im rich.  after that was all finished had to rush back as we were meeting Chel's mums boyfriend Mr Lim for dinner which we were going to be late for.  so we just got back from dinner which was so good but a bit much cos i had to eat everyhing.  had this nice peaking duck which was cooked in heaps of diffrent ways. 

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photo by: easyjobrob