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Day 10
well this is an interesting day got on a bus at 7;30am and sat there changing busses and corssing borders till 11pm at night.  lucky i had chels, a few beers and a bag of peanuts to keep me company.  it was pretty nice country side in cambodia but the road was the worst holeiest road id ever been on (including madagasca) so it was a hard day got to the guest house and fell straight asleep
day 11 (Chels is gettin impatiant) got a took took from our guest house for $30 us for a 2 day trip around the ankor temples they were amazing except it cost another 40$us each for a 3 day pass.  the temples were amazing the biggest things ever and there were heaps of them wandered around and went by took took along each of the temples lots of stone.  and about 300photos. finally went to ankor wat for the sunset it was amazing the temple was really scary to climb because it was about 30metres high and the steps were about 1 foot high by 15cm wide so very scary and along way down.  we had to wait in line to get down where there was a hand rail thing.  then bought giant painting while watching the sun set over the temple for 18$us but its going to be heavy to carry. 
day 12 did the same except went to a temple about an hrs drive away through some awsom cambodian villeages. very nice.  oh yeah and we watched the sun rise over ankor wat which was pretty amazing also but very early as we got there by about 5.40 am then came back and wandereed aroudn the marked in town a while and went to bed early
Day 13 finally i got there.  umm got up nice and early and wandered around a market next to our hotel for a while then took took to the main road in town and found this internet.  burnt a cd of photos so ready for another 400 this avo . about to get a bike or moto out to the temples again then off to phnom penh tomorrow by boat except pretty expensive about $24 us each so were not shur yet. 
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Siem Reap
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