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  1. Hello once more.well finally after all the adventures of the past few weeks im finally back in singapore.

So after our night in the cardboard box (which chelc found had a sticker saying International Standards on it so were not shur which planet they were talking about)we managed to find a nice shop (funnily called The Shop) from where we hired a motobike which was quite funny since i dont really think im allowed to drive one but the woman in the shop said if the police pulled me over say that my australian drivers licence covers motobikes as well as cars so luckey i didnt have to try that one out.  The bike cost us around $10 which i though was pretty good although it was bone dry of fuel so we had to buy some more from the shop.  so first stop was the horse riding place which were nice stables up in the jungle a bit with some good looking horses so we booked a ride for 4.30pm (how chelc eventually convinced me to come i still dont know) which cost us about $40au for an hours ride up into the jungle and along the beach so we thought what the hell.  so after that was booked we took the bike to a crocodile farm which was pretty cool they are absloutly huge and luckely we were there in time for feeding so that was good.  Then after lunch there we headed for the Langkawi Craft complex (we thought with a name like that it must be good) but atlas it was a huge nice old building but only a few items for sale (hugely overpriced) not really what we expected so we spent precicely 4 minutes there after heading to the beach for a while.  We then found that we were running out of day before our ride so we quickely went to the birds of paradise park which was cool and nicely laid out with averys of all sorts of birds plus lots of makaws flying around that you could hold and flamingos, ducks all just wandering around as you walked around the path.  Some of the other birds were the birds of paradise a few owles, egles, parots, cassawaries, emu's, ostridges, peacocks, and a big inclousure with heaps of spoon bills, swans, pelicans and that sort of thing.  You could buy these little packets of food and feed them all so we got peanuts, sunflower seeds and something like clover seed which i proceeded to feed almost all to the monkes which they had who were so cool they would reach out and try to take anything and on stole the paper bracelet thing that you got for and entrance ticket off my wrist .  well after that we scooted back to the horse riding place which took almost an hour and picked our horses.  I got a cool one which was huge and had one the singapore cup twice so he was nice and fast and chelc got a famous show horse or something.  The ride was nice through the jungle beside the road for a bit where we saw a giant black squirrel (which are apparently very very rare) and heaps of monkeys then went for a canter along the beach and back along the road to the stables.  we then had a quick trip to a waterfall and back to drop off the bike.

Next day we got up and went on an island hopping trip which sounded exciting but we got put with a big group of malaysians who were quite loud and a bit annoying.  the boat was nice and firstly we went out to a island with a fresh water lake which had heaps of catfish in.  It was cool if you held you feet in the water the catfish would swim up and nibble at your feet giving you a massage which felt so strange.  then went and feed the eagles on another island and finally ended up on a third island with a beautiful beach and back to the hotel.  We then took a taxi (they are so expensive on lankawi) to the ferry terminal where we managed to find a ferry to Alor Setar (something like that) which took about 1.5hrs then a bus to Penang as we didnt think we were going to have time to go to the malaysian highlands unfortnatly as it was chinese new year and everything was booked including the busses.  So Penang it was and we finally got there at about 8pm where we took the ferry across to the island and found a little hotel called white house.  we managed to find an excelent chinese restraunt just down the street which was packed and one of the best meals we had on the whole trip and all up only about $10 even with a huge slab of tax attached. 

Next day wandered around Penang and got another bus to Kuala Lumpur which arrived at about 8pm again so here only just managed to find a hotel as it was the eve of Chinese new year and everybody was traveleing so paid almost $30 for a very crappy hotel room near the bus station.  finally managed to find a ticket to Singapore after being told that there wernt any left but many companys.  Then we hit the streets and found the night market of chinatown.  there was so much fake stuff chelc bought about 5 gucci bags and we got some other things such as a jumper for me.  The next day walked around KL for a while and visted the Patronas Towers (which unfortunally you had to book a ticket in advance for) so couldnt go up them so instead went and found a little food market where we had these noodles with little snails in (very unusual as they looked like mini brains)  then jumped on our bus to singapore and finally arrived here after a 9hr trip (that was supposed to take 5hrs) at 10pm.

Just been relaxing and walked around the city and into the chinese new year markets which are all along the water front and had a big lunch with chelcs faimly and a good game of blackjack where i lost my $1.50 after getting up to around $12 so that was bad luch but i got lost of red packets (a tradition on the second day of chinese new year to give little red packets full of money to the kids) so that was cool i somehow ended up with over $100sing which is a fair bit it was cool but chelc has 4aunts and 2uncles on that side that we met.  Then today chelc has unfortunally got sick from something again and got a pretty high fever so went to the doctor to test for malaria and stuff but it looks like the flu to me and her fever is going down a bit.  So we've just been chilling out around her place watching tv and ive been swimming.  we were going to go out tonight with her cousinds but it dosnt look like shes up to it now so i suppose an early night before my 6.30am flight tomorrow morning home.  Its been great to hear from some of you (and would be great to hear from others) and i hope all is well happy chinese new year to you all.

Im now at the singapore airport at 5am so nice and early because i couldnt send this yesterday and chels was looking a bit better so thats good.

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