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Thursday, 18 Des 08

I still can't believe in a couple of days, I'll begin my ultimate dream journey! This journey already in my head for a very long time really can't believe it!!! Finally it could come true!!!^_^ My Godness... a start, I've packed some of my things, specially all of my dive equipment. Cause this is a lifetime journey in my diving experience. I don't want any thing goes wrong or left behind. I still need some things to rent like BCD, regulator, and underwater flash light for night dive. I'll get it by tomorrow.

Second...I've made some itenerary for my journey. I'll be leaving Jakarta on 20th Dec 08 and back on 4th Jan 09. I'll start my Journey in Makassar (South Sulawesi) then to Tana Toraja, continue to Sorong (Papua) and for the main purpose of this journey is to Raja Ampat (Papua) for 17 dives, 6 days Live On Board.

Yes, it's all for Raja Ampat! Why I call it my ultimate dream journey, it because of Raja Ampat ^_^

Raja Ampat is the most beautiful place and the richest under water creature in the world! It has been confirmed by the world as the heaven for underwater world. The place still in perfect nature, modern touchless, and it took days and effort just to get there. But believe's worth the try:) All the divers in the world are dying to go to Raja Ampat. And I'm lucky I'll be able to go to this heavenly earth with just a perfect (my kind of budget wise perfect) amount of money:D's I share with you my itenerary trip:)

Day 1-3 : Makassar : city sight, enjoy its local beach, culinary travel for seafood seafood seafood and SEAFOOD!!!^_^ Hmm...yummmyyy!!!

Day 4-5 : Tana Toraja : Water rafting (perhaps), visiting ancient culture, trip to local village, etc

Day 6-7 : Makassar and nearby island : probably will go to Samalona island or any other island (still flexible)

Day 8-9 : Sorong (Papua) : city sight, going to local village and market

               Sorong located in the bird head of Papua, the most east and the biggest island in Indonesia. Papua known as the black pearl of Indonesia. Very rich island. Many natural sources, very beautiful landscape, and unique culture. The local people has some familiar physic like African and Aborigin. I never been to Papua, so it'll be my first time and really I can't wait!^_^

Day 10-15 : Raja Ampat : 17 Dives, 6 days living on board, hopping from one island to others.

                   It takes about 3 hours from Sorong to Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat itself (in English) means 4 kings. The 4 kings' name become the name of 4 big islands in Raja Ampat, which is: Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo.

Day 16 : Sorong : Stay only for a night take some rest before going back to Jakarta.

Hopefully everything will be alright, I'll have my greatest journey, and not get sick along the way...

Wuuuhuuuu...only 2 days to go!!^_^

inirr says:
Enjoy your dive trips in Indonesia Allan:)
Yes, you should spend more days if you want to dive in Raja Ampat. It just because the distance. To go to Raja Ampat, you need to go to Sorong. From Sorong to Raja Ampat, the nearest area, it may took 3-4 hours. But that spot doesn't good enough. The prettiest one is in cape kri, and it could took half day sailing from sorong.
Posted on: Mar 09, 2009
d00tchy says:
hey there. i'm so excited to go to Raja Ampat in 3 weeks. And most definitely i changed my itinerary to stay 5 days. I guess I'll have to come back next time to visit the Togean islands. Such a tough decision =) Thanks for your comments!
Posted on: Mar 09, 2009
inirr says:
Hihihi...I've load it on my Facebook:p
But I will...make it in here, just wait for a couple of months hihihihihi:D
Posted on: Jan 27, 2009
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