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So we ("we" as in "just me" again, I dont know why i do that...) arrived about 45 minutes delayed i think - which worked out really good anyway cuz getting in at 6ish was a little too early to do anything really. I hung around in the internet cafe for about an hour and a half cuz i was scared shitless to go out into England. While i had a coffee I read through some brouchers and flyers and stuff and planned some things to do... or pretended to anyway. I think i mainly just wanted to look like i was doing something; Pfft tourist?! Me!? Noway, I know exactly what im doing and where im going... So ahh, can u tell me how to get to my hotel?! =D

I bought an oyster card which lasted for the week that i spent in London and i can honestly say that i used it to its full advantage - i got out of it about double what it was worth i think lol. The underground was awesome!! And soo easy to use! Like seriouisly dead simple!! Even though i was limited to the 2 central zones of London with it - thats all u really need cuz most places are within those areas anyway!! I stayed in Earls court which was nice - i guess but in comparison to what? lol London was super busy and traffic-y anyway so if there's one thing I can reccommend - DONT DRIVE IN LONDON - all u travellers out there, just dont do it. Go the Underground. If ur staying a week and ur out to do a bit of sightseeing - get a weekly oystercard for the underground - it costs about 22 -24 pounds (cant remember exactly) but is well worth it. If ur only there for a few days get a pay as you go oyster card it costs 3 pounds but u get it back when u return the card before leaving the city. It still gets u from point A to point B at the cheaper rate but u load it - or top it up with money - however much u want and whenever u want at the underground stations. Its easy enough to do.

I arrived on Monday and had until Wednesday night to do my own thing and attend my introduction meetings before my friend came down to meet me and spent the rest of the week...Awwww Beautiful lol. I didnt get any jet lag but still found myself going to bed really early - round 8pm and waking up early-ish (for me anyway) bout 7. Then - after nearly 2 days I found out my watch was one whole hour early, embarrassment much!! Everytime I turned the TV on in the hotel room - It was coronation street...so it went straight back off. Thats probably the main reason I went to sleep so early....ish

I went to an orientation meeting which help me set up my bank account and gave a little bit of info that may or may not have been useful for me starting out in a new country and such but hey, as long as uv got someone to help out with a bank account - thats all that really matters. Apparently if u try by urself its really hard to open a bank account?! I wasnt game enough to try. Was heaps happy to have "first contact" do it for me lol.

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