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It's here because of me .... aehm, just couldn't help it. But it'll make sense, I promise.

Just imagine this situation: you're driving on the motor highway, it's 5 a.m., dark, cold, snowing and shotgun is fast asleep. Or this one: you're driving down a coastal road with the wide open sea at your left side, the sun is shining, you got the windows down, the fresh breeze in your hair, shotgun is singing loud and false. What's missing here? Right - music! These two situations with the radio playing your favorite tunes makes the dark cold morning cosy (and keeps shotgun awake), and the bright sunny day radiant (and shotgun bearable).  But what about after you've reached your destination? Well, I say .... keep the music rollin'!

On my first visit to New York I had a little chat with a local. I had lost my way (if they ever invent a navigator that can be build into a human's head, I'll be the first to buy it!), and a nice young man offered to accompany me to my lost destination. In my experience, the first question asked by locals would be "Where are you from?", and so he asked me "Where are you from?". I answered "Croatia", not really expecting he would know anything about it (are we really that far behind God's back?). He looked at me with a smile on his face: "I heard you got great music there". Huh??? I so wanted to ask him more about this unexpected revelation, but we had reached lost spot, and he unfortunately had to hurry. But he was right. We DO have some great music here. Let me give you a short overview, so next time you're in Croatia you might want to listen to it for yourself.

All the artists I will be writing here about you can listen to on youtube.

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