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The weekend before Christmas was spent having Fake Christmas with my boyfriend in Manchester. I will try to keep the gooey lovey stuff out of the blog entry, which is, after all, meant to be a travel blog.  I'm sure you don't want to hear all about my first attempt at Christmas dinner without my mum (very successful, considering.  Thank you for asking) or quite how drunk I was at our friends' party!

The journey north was something of a limp.  I had been off sick for two days and still felt like hell.  As a tip, it is a bad idea to do your Tai Kwon Do belt test half an hour after your flu jag.  The general feeling half dead feeling was not remotely helped by the constant contraflows, stupid drivers and other people just as desperate to get home as I was.
  Head still reeling, I got into Iain's house, threw the gifts on teh sofa and got changed to go back out. Never one for burning the candle at both ends, especially when I can hold it over a furnace, I was off to see Depeche Mode in the MEN Arena.

The MEN Arena is a bitty bot confusing, so we couldn't find where the coat room was.  Of course, we are now all really quite old, and had not braced the snows in our t shirts the way we would have done five years ago.  So the gig was spent holding our coats like someone's mum at a disco. 

This was a shame because Depeche ode were amazing, but as I was so little and so far from the front, I spent most of the gig watching them by means of holding my phone camera up to the giant screens as a sort of relay.  The MEN is absolutely enormous.  So was the man in front of me.  But what I could see was top notch.

On the way home, our friends (who hadn't really enjoyed the show at all) went straight home.  Iain and I decided to go on the Manchester wheel.  I am sure he would like to point out that there is nothing romantic whatsoever about sitting on a big wheel alone late at night, watching the lights of the city spread out below you, laughing at the audio commentary.  No, it is not a big wet romantic thing to do - he was only up there to see if the heights would freak me out.

I'm sure you're convinced, right?

The next day I popped out to finish up some shopping, and the only travel tip related part of the day is one of my periodic shopping tips.  There is an arts centre in the Northern Quarter, and it sells the most stunning handmade jewelry, paintings and ceramics.  It's no more expensive than the mass producesd stuff you can get anywhere, and it's a fantastic place to get crafts.

The dinner went well, the party was excellent, and I spent most of Sunday piecing together the night before.  Oddly, driving down in the snow on Sunday was a piece of cake compared to the drive nort - I can only assume everyone else stayed in bed that day! 
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photo by: klaaRA