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I went to Dublin.  For a party.  Please don't anyone ask me what Dublin was like - my observations are strictly limited to a ferry terminal, two ferries, and a bar.

Ferries are unbelievably more civilised than flying.  You turn up half an hour before hand, by a ticket, someone half heartedly pats you down when your trainers make the x-ray beep, and then you sit in a floating bar for three hours.  Normally, I wouldn't drink on a ferry because I am perfectly capable of being sea sick on a canal, let alone the notorious Irish Sea.  But on Saturday the sea was like glass, and I had two pints and watched the footie with my boyfriend. The immigration check consisted of a man asking me if I was British, and taking my word for it I was.  I was in an excellent mood, whihc only got better given that Iain's friend had come to pick us up from the Terminal. 

The first thing that struck me on the way in was how many beaches there were.  I knew Dublin is a port, and therfore coastal, but not all ports have beaches.    Dublin has fantastic looking sandy beaches, only slightly tainted by the container ports on the horizon. 

It was about then that I really regretted not charging my phone, because I have no pictures to show you.  You will just have to imagine the beaches, and for that matter, the pretty neighborhood we stayed in, and the cool sunshine shaped light in the bar we drank cocktails in.  Which is a shame, because they were cool.

After being spoiled rotten over dinner, we went out to a bar that I am reasonably sure was called Capitol, or maybe Capitol cocktails.  If anyone wants to confirm that there is a bar called Capitol, with fish tanks instead of backs in some of its booths, and a sunshine shaped light, that would be good!  The bar was heaving, and even the world's hardest working bar maid struggled to keep up.  This is probably for the best, given that I barely drink anymore and the celebrations were flowing very nicely.  Despite really only knowing my boyfriend, it has to rate in the top ten parties I've been to since Uni.  :) 

On Sunday, we went home.  I didn't have much of a hangover, which is just as well.  because even thought the swell was a teensy little swell on teh sea, and the fast cat is a very stable ship, I felt incredibly sea sick the whole way home.  I have no idea how that works.  We stopped to admire the Menai bridge - again, you'll just have to take my word for it that it is pretty, and went home via the worst traffic jam iI'd seen for weeks. 

So if anyone has any suggestions for what to see next time I'm in Dublin, and what I should have seen if I'd spent more than 20 hours there, let me know! 
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photo by: fransglobal