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The o2
Doug (my brother) and I went to the British Music Experience on Easter Sunday. This part was a good idea.  The part that was a bad idea was even dreaming of using public transport.  Not only were all the trains in Essex replaced by very slow buses, but the whole jubilee line was also down.  Now, I desperately want to be greener.  I really do.  But not if it means paying British prices for trains and then spending four hours on a bus.  In the end, Doug and I gave up and drove to the O2 arena, which turned out to be an incredibly straight forward drive.  So I'm afraid that that's what I would probably recommend you do. 

Having sworn at my sat nav and every driver in London, we arrived in the O2 arena.
  Which is big. You could fit a smallish town in it.  In fact, they pretty much have - there have to be at least ten of the better end of chain restaurant restaurants in there, and a large cinema, as well as the two "experiences" and the arena itself.  I was actually quite impressed.

Doug and I really enjoyed the music experience - I'll write you a review, but basically, you have a ticket that goes beep, and as well as the physical stuff (Jimi Hendrix clothing, some guitars, one of Freddy Mercury's suits... lots of cool stuff, actually) there is a place you can play with guitars and loads of interactive displays.  Truth to tell, it got a little head swimmy towards the end!  Doug and I were impressed by how little time you had to wait to see stuff, though - I was expecting it to be far busier than it was.
  ANd apparently, if I ever get my net to wrk, you get free I-tunes songs and all the things that you looked at are stored in a bit of their website so that you can read the details later, when you are feeling less overwhelmed.  Truth to tell, although it tries to cover British Music as a whole, there is more on guitar pop - the stuff that develped into Indie, and that I like best - than everything else.  If you were into Grime, or any of the various branches of British Hip Hop (yes, it does too exist!), or if you were into boy and girl bands and Steps and stuff like that, you'd be disappointed.  But then I'm not convinced Steps ever counted as music, and I know Grime does but I'm not that into it, so I was cool with the emphasis on guitars.

After that, Doug and I went for dinner in Zizzis - again, review to follow, but it was pretty amazing for the price we paid for it and I would definately go back.   
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The o2
The o2
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