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The impression that Thailand gives me with is a paradise with immortal joy and beauty. The tropical scenery, kind people and Grand Palace there make up a unique profile of this miraculous country.

Driving on the road of Bangbok is just like stepping in a secret garden full of exuberant green plants. In such a tropical area, even at wintertime, the color of green from trees and various peculiar flowers is the dominant tint of this place. When I get tired of gloomy and cold Beijing, it's enjoyable to breathe moist air and immerse myself in the green sea. Not event to mention those unrecognizable plants sitting on bus stations, street corners and front doors of houses. Flower stores are unnecessary in this country because everywhere is embellished by colorful flowers. Thus, the scenery there is definitely the biggest pleasure for me.

If I say Thailand is a green garden, then there is a golden palace, the Grand Palace, settled in it. Walking into this royal palace, visitors are dazzled by shining golden roofs and millions of pieces of glass decorating them. The exotic and distinctive structure of pointed roofs let me pretend that I am in a fairy tale. There are some strange, amazing copper creatures "protecting" the entrance of palaces that seem to emphasise the secrecy and dignity of the Grand Palace. I am amazed by the imagination of its constructors. The Grand Palace not only demonstrates the wisdom and the imagination of the Thai people, but also adds essential meaning to this country.

During the short time visiting of Thailand, I fortunately knew how helpful and enthusiastic people there are. In the hotel in Bangbok, to prepare for my SAT test, I couldn't find any place but the restaurant to study, though I was afraid that would effect its business. Thus, I sat there guiltily to wait the reaction of waitress. To my surprise, she didn't make me leave, but offered me glasses of water with a smile.

Enjoying this selfless service and watching sliding motorbikes and relaxed people walking on the street, I remembered the first sentence I heard when I arrived in this country "welcome to amazing Thailand". Indeed, to me, it's really an amazing country with wonderful scenery, an exquisite palace, and kind people.

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photo by: Deats