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Well, it was Wednesday and supposedly my first official day of vacation but still had a million things to catch up on so I didn't get started on dinner as early as I had hoped.  First, I had bought chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries and while the chocolate was heavenly tasting, it didn't quite melt as easily as I had hoped.  This led to some very aesthetically Unappealing looking strawberries! :-(  Then I had decided to open my 2002 Old Vine Duarte Zinfandel from V Sattui in Napa that I had brought with me.  This is one of my favorite wines and I recently dropped quite a bit to buy the last case of this as Duarte sold off his vineyard to some developer to make a condo parking lot so these ancient vines are no more!  Unfortunately, it appears there was some cork seepage and the wine was on the verge of vinegar.

  I wanted to cry but put it in a carafe (closest thing to a decanter here lol)  and hoped it would be better after breathing.  Hmmm, not so much! :-(  Fortunately, we had some other options to choose from so I was safe!

Cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen, especially in another country, is always a challenge.  As Brett shares my love for garlic, I opted for recipes from my favorite restaurant, The Stinking Rose.  Bagna Calda appetizer (cloves of garlic baked in a bath of olive oil, butter, and a hint of anchovy).  Main dish was 40 clove garlic chicken which is one of my favorite dishes.  Brett came home as I was finishing the sauce for it and helped out some, although we turned it into a kitchen nightmare.  I learned that Brett didn't know how to use a blender and yeah, I went to puree the sauce and he had not screwed the bottom tightly and sauce started going everywhere.  We scooped up what we could and normally I would have been freaking out but I actually found myself laughing and suprisingly relaxed.  LOL. 

We ended up having a super yummy dinner and enjoyed the cheesecake type dessert Brett brought home!  It was a super romantic night and glad everything ended up coming out ok! :-)

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photo by: liekevo