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So its been a busy time, and summer in New Zealand is coming closer by the day.
I have been browsing the Web for a new flight and came up with the idea to travel trough Cook-Island on my way back. As it is really in the way from Auckland - Los Angeles - Amsterdam.
But unfortunately the flight-companies think differently and ask an extra 760 euro if want to make a stop there.

So I kept looking until a nice route that would brake the long-distance. But no such luck, unless you want to pay at least 30% extra on the flight. So I booked the flight that suites my schedule the best.
Now I still need to rearrange all the things I arranged for nothing last year, like International Drivers License, Car-rental, Arrival and departure hotel/hostel, and recheck the route.

My flight will be:

Sunday 1 Feb 2009 => Tuesday 3 Feb 2009:
From Amsterdam (NL) to London Heathrow (UK).
Then from London Heathrow (UK) with a small pit-stop in Los Angeles (USA) to Auckland(NZ).

There I will travel by my own rental-car, ending in Christchurch.

Friday 6 March 2009 => Saturday 7 March 2009:
From Christchurch(NZ) to Beijing (China).
Then from Beijing (China) to Amsterdam (NL).

So I will be traveling around the world, well not entirely more like around a piece of the world. But still I will go across the day-border and virtually lose a day. (I will cross the ocean from Los Angeles at 1 Feb, and arrive a few hours later in Auckland at 3 Feb.)
Not that it matters cause I will lose several days because of the jet-lag.

Here is what the flight looks like.

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photo by: Vlindeke