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So, I went to Motueka for some kayaking, but it rained, and yes I was called at 7:00, it's canceled. So it was moved to the next morning. Sky-dive did not succeeded either, they need to see the ground from the airplane, and but it was too cloudy.

So I had a nice morning to read, to explore the town, and at 12:00 I called the Skydive because it seemed better again, but unfortunately, clouds would come back, and the last flight was in about 30 minutes and was fully booked.
So I went with my car up the mountains in the Tasman park. Very beautiful and difficult route. 9 km took me even 1.5 hours. There I took a short walkwhat walk.

But to my surprise I came at a route along beautiful cliffs and huge sink-hole cave. Holes everywhere in the forest from the lyme-stone bottom that slowly eroded from the acids from the trees. A part of the track was rerouted because there was a hugh hole where the path used to be. (Wouldn't wanna be on that path when it sank in the caves.)

Lateron I made some dinner with 2 dutchs girls, after wich we went to the movie "Seven Pounds".

The next morning we did go kayaking.We took a motorboat the the marine-reserve where we unloaded the kayaks. 4 germans, the guide Lucas and me. sea-kayaking is way different from normal kayaking but we did okay, as we very often had to wait for the others.
At High tide we went into a beautiful river, but we waited a bit to long before we went back out again, which made de river a rappid river now. They got 4,8meter tidal difference and you only can stay there 45 minutes, which we did. If would have stayed a little longer, the river would have been dry.

We went around some rocks and found about 50 very cute seal-cups. All waiting for there mother to come back from fishing. They where all hiding but if you did they same call as their mother they would stick up there head to see if it was their mother of not.

After a while we also found some stingrays of about 1 meter in diameter, and some addolencent seals. Who where so interessed in us, the one even hopped on our kayak. But it was was shaking the kayak so much I was afraid my camera would fall in the water if I would get it out its waterproof pouch.

Later on we were picked up again by the motorboat, after which I went straight to the airport.
I went skydiving, and first I was so afraid. But now I have done it, I say lets go again! Went to 4km high, and made a freefall of about 50 seconds. But it all seem to last for hours.
I fellt a bid drunk when I got my feet back on the ground. and the pictures are so awesome!

After this I went to the south in 3 days to Dunedin, because its raining everywhere. So I will go explore the cultural part (also named dry-part).

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photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee