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Well I am actually been to the Marlborough Sounds, it's so beautiful!

First I went to Resolution Bay. I was here 7 years ago with Discover travel. Now it was almost deserted. The watertaxi had just transported  90 people back from this area.
Resolution Bay was formerly very authentic (lit your own fire to warm shower ect.) Now, almost everything has become more modern, although in the evening I neede a candle to be able to read.
The track runs from Ship Cove (where Cook began to explore the country, after Abel Tasman first discovered it and was run away after some fight with the Maori.) to back in the country.
I went for a 3 days hike. First of Resolution Bay to Camp Bay. A beautiful route along several forests (pine-tree forest, subtropical rainforest, etc.)
At Camp Bay I went camping, and the nice thing is you're again near the water, so your big backpack can be carried by the watertaxi. So almost nothing on your back then!
The track was in some places a bit slippery because it was raining. lots of rain actually.
Arriving at Camp Bay were already 9 tents up in a place where you would expect 3 / 4 little ones. So it was a bit of squees but pleasant. I went to get my backpack the wharf at the water and on the way I twisted my knee (old injury of the mountain biking 7 years ago, coincidentally in NZ). After a while my knee started to hurt so much that I needed a pressure support around it, and I ordered the watertaxi for my instead of for my backpack.

There was also a Cabin / Lodge in the neighborhood (100meter) and there was a cozy bar where almost everyone who walked on the track sat there drinking some coffee / tea. I sat here chatting with various people who I lateron kept meeting in other places.
The next day I went to the next place with the boat, because I had already booked at the Portage Backpacker. Cozy place with the facilities of its resort hotel.
I took a small walk up the mountain for a nice picture but it took me 2 hours stumbling instead 15 minute walk.
So I canceled the Tasman track. And luckily after some phone calls I got a 75% refund on my hut-bookings.
Slowly, the various people known from the track came in the campsite or Backpacker. And they all said how nice and beautiful it was on this sunny day:(  Well I told them what I nice time I had in the warm bay, and how swum and even kayaked a bit (but the kayaks were very bad soI didn't go far.)

The following morning, immediately back to Picton and there I came across many of the trackers again. I went down to Blenheim. But there was't much to do, although everyone said there was. So I went on my way to Nelson and on to a nice DOC campsite. Had lots of talks with the people there and there were many different people, artists, hippies, climbers, cyclists, all interesting conversations.
There was also a beautiful river with very beautiful huge rocks in it. And the river was pretty hot, so .... nice swim.

The following morning I created my own a senic route through villages and towns to Motueka (slightly above Nelson ). Tomorrow I will be going Sea kayaking with a tour in the Abel Tasman park (Provided it is not raining too much, and that the waves aren't  too high). But for kayaking I don't need to do much walking and I still can see some of the National Park:)

The next day maybe something else active here, and then into the direction of west port. There is a real rodeo, and its in New Zealand.  I wonder how that will look like. After that I might go along the west coast or more on the New Zealand Alps through to the east towards Mount Cook.
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photo by: glennisnz