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Woke up this morning early (as usual...can't seem to shake off my daily routine just yet). Turned on my laptop (still in my pj) and connected myself to the internet. Opened email and there it was, the email that I had been waiting for, my reservation for a room at Lac Vien Hotel. My heart stopped for a fleeting moment there when I read the first few lines (WHAT?!) "What do you mean  you're full?"

Lesson number one- Always book your room in advance (I should have known better, I am a flippin teacher!)

My flight will be on Tuesday night! should be my bedtime by the time I reach Saigon...and this hotel turned me down?! It's my first time in Vietnam don't they know it (They should read Travbuddy more)

Moving faster than light, I frantically  dialed other hotels in Saigon that's available (luckily I kept a record). But before that I did call Lac Vien again to try my luck (see if I can persuade them to kick one hotel guest to make room for the lady in distress) but luck was just not there (where's the Irish pot of gold when I need one). 10 minutes later I had to admit defeat and called another hotel. (Aha! my luck hasn't ran out yet) They're available, and best of all its cheaper than Lac Vien! Thank you GOD! So I made my booking and thanked the receptionist like a broken record (I think that irritated her a bit). Once bitten, twice shy, I decided to call up the hotel that I wanted to stay in at every stop to reserve a room for me. I managed to booked a room at Nha Trang..will try the other tomorrow (I ran out of credit in my phone PERFECT!). I also made an advance booking to stay in the hotel (who saved my life) from 26 til 31st!

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