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The house of Jupiter, but he left. It had no roof, you see, and it rained.
More Roman ruins today. The Mediterranean countries are stocked full of them, so too Tunisia. You basically loose your footing over them if you don't watch out. The city we were heading is Sbeitla, where you can find the Sufetula ruins. Sufetula used to be a big Roman city, and later on was ruled by the Byzantine emperors.

All very well, but it was december, and clouds were struggling over the Atlas to reach us with their rain. I woke op in Tozeur, which is basically in the desert (for heavens sake) and it was not just raining outside, it was pooring as if the skies meant to wash the entire Sahara away! Still we pushed on and reached Sbeitla the same morning. Unfortunately the rain didn't go away. I was sitting with a shirt in the bus when the guide announced it was 6 degrees centigrade outside! All I had was a thin jacket, so that just had to do.

These ruins really are fantastic, but it was so freaking cold outside! The icy rain shmacked my face with gusto till it hurt. With my arms around me I hurried from ruin to ruin and did feeble attempts to make a few pictures. The results you can see here. :-) Only afterwards, back in the bus, I could inspect my pictures to discover what I had actually seen that day.

misstravel89 says:
Het lijkt op de foto's precies het zelfde!
Vooral die foto 'the house of jupiter' die vind je ook in dougga, zoiets! Echt mooi daar indd :)

ik ben helaas nog nooit in sbeitla geweest :( zou graag weer terug willen naar tunesie
Posted on: Dec 18, 2008
Jeroenadmiraal says:
Nee, we hadden helaas geen tijd voor Dougga :( Heel jammer, want het schijnt supermooi te zijn. Maarja, dan heb ik nog een reden om terug te gaan!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
misstravel89 says:
dat is dougga!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
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The house of Jupiter, but he left.…
The house of Jupiter, but he left…
Welcome to Sufetula
Welcome to Sufetula
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Where shall I pray today?
I was running for my life by now t…
I was running for my life by now …
photo by: Jeroenadmiraal
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