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Arriving in bangkok was exciting, everything from the air conditioned pink taxi, to the hussle and bussle of the traffic just sent waves of promise and happiness through me. We got to khosan road, and later discovered for the best price around! (some ppl we met got fully ripped off), and i must admit, i thought that hearing 'tuk tuk' and 'ping pong' 50 times a day couldnt get boring. I was wrong. so after a few days taking in khosan and the grand palace/temples/markets, we booked our trip up to Chaing Mai. Being in a group of 10, it was easy to bag a good price for our train tickets. The overnight train was probably one of the best methods of transport i have ever been on, the way the beds at the top fold down, and the lower bunk neatly turns into a bed - it was like transformers - just with beds... on a train...

anyway, having my own bed was a blessing (my bf is the worlds biggest bed hog/duvet stealer), so i actually got a pretty good nights sleep! and we could chat in our little compartments, with some chilling music, some nibbles, and we met lots of ppl as we went. When we arrived we got pursuaded to head to a nice little guesthouse, called Thai Gardens, by a lovely little lady. it included the tuk tuk ride and the rooms were good and quite cheap. so off we went, and it was gorgeous. so clean, pretty new too, with wood and marble complimenting every corner of the building. and with a pool and internet to boot! :D here we took the opportunity to wander around abit, take in the lantern display, and the night bazaar. Unfortunately since we left bangkok, i felt abit funny in the tummy,and upon arrival, it didnt get much better. So there i was staring at all the food, knowing it was good, and so different to anything else, but i just couldnt eat any of it! Luckily, i had plenty opportunitys to eat lots of good food at a later date.

So, the best thing about Chaing Mai? The trek id have to say, but im a big fan of elephants, so im being abit biased. It also involved a bamboo raft down the river, and visiting a tribe where we could buy some good handmade scalves and stuff. all abit westernised if you ask me tho, i kind of felt i wanted to see more traditional in the mountain tribes, but id have to wait for that. oh and we also visited a waterfall while we were trekking through the jungle, and it was abundant with wildlife.whilst looking up at the gushingwater, andmy boyfriend who is quite the climber clambering over all the rocks,a little frog landed on my leg, for what must of been maybe 2 seconds, and then flew off again. but those two seconds, of realising those little eyes looking up at me, clinging on to my wet knee, had something deeper in it. and i felt happy.just happy. amazing what one little frog can do eh.


borneonikieta says:
Lucky thing it's a SMALL frog! Enjoy your trip in Thailand!
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
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photo by: Deats