Week Two in Antigua

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Week Two

Monday morning was different than usual. A full bladder woke me

instead of a sting of firecrackers. You see, my bedroom has a

window, no glass mind you, only a screen, that faces an open

courtyard. I can hear the noise outside like I was sleeping on

the street. Well, almost.

The new week started fine. As usual the class in the morning

went well with Dalilia and then I returned for lunch. Some guy

was in the living room talking to Mark Antonio (the father) and I

passed by and went to my room to change for a run. After my run,

I found out the guy was the new student. Again, some clumsy

moments in Spanish and I found out he was from Canada. "I'm a

Yank" I replied and he said "Que?" Great, he turned out to be a

French speaking Canadian. Over lunch I found out he could understand

a little English but not speak much.

His name was Sergio and we went out for beers a couple of times.

We went to a place he called "La Chimneux." In Spanish (or

perhaps) it read "La Chimney." It was fine, kind of a

international party bar. There was a french guy he was speaking

with and we were sitting next to a group of Germans. Two other foreign
speakers were behind us (Americans?). Wednesday night we

returned to Cafe' Cafe' to watch "Rising Sun" with Sean Connery.

Afterwards, Sergio returned to "La Chimneux" and I walked home. I

passed by the Pepsi sponsored Santa parade. Somehow a little

antiquated and out of place here. The first vehicle was a Pepsi

Van preceded by a local police car. Second (third if you count

the police car) was a float with the nativity scene. Next was the

Santa float. 4 cardboard thin reindeer pulling a Guatemalan

Santa sweating like crazy in the basic "fat Santa and white beard" get-up in

a cardboard sleigh while an all Spanish rendition of Jingle bells

was playing. You might think that the kids would be attracted to

this float but you would be wrong. Following Santa was none

other than that old Christmas time favorite; Batman and the

Riddler. Was that the favorite? Hardly. Finally a simple

delivery truck, bearing the name Pepsi, followed by hoards of

people, all wanting a free can of Pepsi. Even though a can of

Pepsi here costs only 20 cents, many don't earn that in an hour,

so I really cant blame them.

The days at school passed easily as my free time was limited to

the half hour break at 10:am, the two hour lunch break and the

half hour break at 4 pm. I found this more than enough time to

change money, shop for candy in the market or take my laundry to

the lavanderia.

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photo by: monky