Week Four in Antigua

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Week Four:

The following week was rather routine. Wake up, eat breakfast,

wait to take a dump, go to school, come home for lunch, go to

school again, come home for dinner, go to cafe' cafe' watch

television, drink 2 beers, come home and go to bed. Except

Thursday night.......

(This is the end of my notes from this trip, written at least a decade before the term "Blog" was coined. In fact, it was written on a clunky 286 portable computer that booted up with DOS 3.0 on a floppy disk.

I can't remembered what happened on Thursday night, but I do remember that I sold that old computer for about $50 right there in Antigua, to a young man who was very happy to buy it from me.

I also remember that I didn't stick around much longer. I was getting bored and perhaps a little lonely. I only made it 5 weeks, not even half of my three month goal, and although my Spanish had improved greatly, I was far from fluent.

In the decade that followed I returned to Guatemala for Spanish classes two more times, each time just catching up to the point I was in 1995. I've forgotten most of what I learned and wonder if I'll ever be able to really speak the language.

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photo by: monky