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We touched down in Bangkok before midnight, a 10 hour flight from Auckland. We flew with Thai airways. Staff were friendly, the interior was gorgeous but I must admit I was pretty hungry since the food was not really my thing. If you've never had Thai food before (like ourselves) and you're being introduced to it via plane food, then it may put you off. Personally, I thought it was terrible and bland - completely not how real Thai food is. The flight was long and the excitement about watching all the new movies soon disappeared after watching 3 in a row.

I was rather dissappointed to note that there were no armed guards anywhere with dogs.  I had imaged the place full of them and some drug busts going on - it was pretty quiet and they had 2 lanes open. We had filled out a  arrival cards on the plane and I had promptly told Nathan and Soraya to throw away the departure ones attached because we weren't departing obviously. Well, when we finally got to the lady (who by the way barely spoke much English it seemed, or maybe it was too late at night for her - therefore she was very unfriendly) she said "No no, need departure card" and I said that we weren't departing. When it was clear we couldn't get away with it, I asked if she had any and we will just fill our ARRIVAL cards out again with the departure card attached to it. She said no... so we had to go to the back of the line. I was even more pissed off once we finally got to the front again after 30+ minutes to see that all she did was rip it off and then staple it to our passports. B*TCH! I was pretty pissed to say the least.

After that though, everything was a breeze. We met with a lady who our travel agent had organised to take us to our hotel - The Classic Place Hotel. Just for anyone else - don't book a pick-up from the airport. We paid $20 NZD each ($60 altogether) to be picked up and taken to our hotel when it was far cheaper to get a taxi right outside the airport. They are metered so you aren't scammed and although the taxi drivers may not speak much English usually you can print off directions in Thai from the hotel's website (if they don't know where it is).

We arrived at the hotel and got to our room which we were pretty dissappointed at - we had booked through House of Travel and asked for a room for 3 people (and she knew it was a couple and one other person), so we expected a double bed and a single but instead it was 2 singles and a stretcher bed. The room was pretty pokey as well. But nevermind, we got to sleep pretty quick! We really should've asked to be moved to another room as this is what we paid for, but at 1am in the morning we had better things to think about - SLEEP!
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photo by: Deats