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Nathan in Maya Bay
We did a tour to the Phi Phi islands. It was beautiful! We really enjoyed it. Soraya decided not to come, so it was just Nathan and I. We did some snorkelling and seen some monkey's at "Monkey beach". Unfortunely, we didn't realise that "Monkey Beach" was only really a beach if it was low tide. There was a deck there but unfortunely it was a bit of effort to get over there to see the monkeys. I really couldn't get a handle on using a snorkel though... I did manage to swallow some sea water a few times ;)

Maya Bay, where "The Beach" was filmed was so gorgeous. However, it was a pity that so many people come here now as there was rubbish everywhere through the sand, and so many boats in the bay that it took away the beauty - not all, but a lot of it.

The main island in the Phi Phi's was beautiful, so many boats though!! It was gorgeous though and we even come across some topless sunbathes which to be honest i find very rude here because it is frowned upon, and it was clearly not a nudest beach :/ The lunch was pretty minimal, and it looked like all tours had the same lunch set-up.
Main island in the Phi Phi's (forget the name sorry!)

We went to Khai Island, a tiny island full of chairs and people everywhere. It was rather sad. The snorkelling was amazing though, but we were to spend 2 hours here which I thought was too many. Nathan even got biten by a fish which was quite funny! It was super hot, and we lay in the sun most of the time.

Overall, it was nice, something that needs to be done only once and never again. It was a pretty long day overall though and we were beat by the time we got back to the Banthai. We had a wee snooze before having a dip in the gorgeous pool.
arlene0725 says:
You guys got the NICE weather at Phi Phi! It was cloudy and drizzling when I was there in '03. I remember Khai Island, I was getting sunburnt when I was just lying around the beach.
Posted on: May 22, 2008
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Nathan in Maya Bay
Nathan in Maya Bay
Main island in the Phi Phis (forg…
Main island in the Phi Phi's (for…
Maya Bay
Maya Bay
Main island in the Phi Phis.
Main island in the Phi Phi's.
Nathan and I chilling out in the B…
Nathan and I chilling out in the …
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