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This was the view of the Opera House from the Harbour Bridge.
I need to begin this by stating that I am glad I went to Sydney. However, it was like a tale of two weekends.

Part I: The Bad. I took the 530a flight to Sydney and was in the heart of the city by 900a. I walked around the Rocks and Circular Quay. The visitor center that Dr and Mrs Giebelhaus recommended that I start my day at didnt open until 930, so I decided to make my first official act in Sydney to be crossing the Harbour Bridge on foot. It provided me with a wonderful view. I got back in an hour and then got a ticket to ride the doubledecker tour bus around the city so that I could get a handle on the city. It was one of those where you can get on and off and have all day to ride the bus. So I took it until it got close to my hotel.
View from the top of the doubledecker tourist bus.
I decided that it was a good way to get around instead of public transport and I had already paid for it. So I walk to the "hotel" that I had booked through the travel agent. It was called a "backpacker's inn" so I envisioned a one-star hotel. I was wrong. I got a hostel. A hot hostel that had no air conditioning. It was near 35C/95F outside. When I got to my room I almost cried. It was even hotter than outside felt. There was only enough room in the room for the bed, a table and a chair (and they barely fit). The bed was hardly usable. I won't even begin to describe the state of the shared bathroom. I sat in my room for about as long as I could handle it. I unloaded my backpack of everything that I was ok with if it got stolen (my clothes and toiletries).

It was clear that everything I had on me that was worth anything was going to be on my person at all times.
In case I got homesick, Coke is there.
I had to get away from the hotel. So I hopped back on the bus and went around Sydney two more times. It was nice because I got sun and a good breeze so it wasn't so hot outside. I finally decided to head back to the hotel and get some rest (I had been up since 330a) and was exhausted from the heat and all of the walking. I get back to the hotel and tried to nap. It was, of course, hot as hell. There was also the prevailing odor of bad Korean food. I had the window open as far as it would and there was the lovely sound of construction to prevent me from getting as much rest as I could. Of course, the heat made it where my pillow was wet from the sweat. I laid there and thought about what I could do to correct this. I hated Sydney and I didn't want to. I knew the hotel was mostly the reason. It just so happened that I was about a block from where the study abroad group stayed when they were here in Sydney. It's also the same brand as our hotel in Brisbane (Ibis). I got myself together, walked to the Ibis and booked a room for the next night. The relief that followed was amazing. I went back to my room and passed out more than fell asleep. Thus ends the bad part of Sydney.
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This was the view of the Opera Hou…
This was the view of the Opera Ho…
View from the top of the doubledec…
View from the top of the doublede…
In case I got homesick, Coke is th…
In case I got homesick, Coke is t…
Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour
photo by: Sunflower300