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Freme Travel Service Pte Ltd. One of the best travel agency in Brunei.

Three more days!!! Oh my god I can't believe this...I am feeling jumpy and I feel like I have the "OOTS" all over my body (you that tingly feeling you get when you're nervous).

Okay, I have decided not to use my poshy red luggage and take the backpack instead (a giant one...still not sure if I would be able to piggy ride that thing all over Vietnam). I haven't packed my stuff yet (cos I have been to busy sorting out bit and pieces at school before I leave so that noone from work would call me in the middle of my sunbath asking me where I put the yellow file) so I am going to start tonight.

Dilemma: What clothes to bring?? how much should I bring??

Hmm...I'm still thinking. Two weeks and 1 bagpack. How much clothes can I fit in there? I have never travelled with a backpack before so this is very refreshing.

Six Hundred and Eighty Seven Dollars Only (keep telling myself its all for good cause)
4 pair of jeans, some tops (modest), one warm top for Hanoi, something to wear during my visit to Blue Dragon, my essentials (aka smalls, toiletries, first aid kit & other stuff), my Harry Potter book (the last volume cos its the thickest to help me kill time in the train), and laptop. Sounds sensible enough you think?

Today, my aunt just gave me the brochure of the spa that she recommended. Just looked at the price, hmm I am not sure now if that is the spa I want to go to. But she did mention that there are many other spas around HCMC that offer reasonable price. I am thinking of having a nice massage before I leave Vietnam. I can imagine how sore my body would be after all those train rides.

My lovely friend Bonnie (www.travbuddy,com/preciouschinadoll) also helped me by giving me the contact number and email of the guide her friend recommended. Her friend Maddy just came back from there and this guide so I guess the person must be good.

My ever so polite and friendly Deputy Principal is also helping me and said that he is going to give me the number of the guide that he used when he was in Hanoi with his family.

Bless them all!

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This is it, there is no turning back. I have picked up my plane ticket this afternoon. Forked out $627.00 Bnd on it with $60.00 Bnd for insurance (yeah I thought I might need that being a first timer and all). The travel agency is called Freme and my travel agent is Salbiah, a very helpful lady. She told me that not many people fly to Vietnam from Brunei so she could not get much information for me on that place (great..) but she was generous enough to give me what was probably the only brochure of Vietnam and some copies of the map (quite blur too, interesting..) and other information that she thought might be useful for me.

My flight will be on the 16th of December. Leaving Bandar Seri Begawan at 1930 and arriving at 2020.

My flight back will be on the 31st of December at 2105 and I should be back in Brunei at 2355. (Wohoo!)

Just to make things more cheery for me...Blue Dragon has finally contacted me! YAYYY! A lady called Nadine wrote back to me and said that she would be happy to show me around. She sounds like a very nice lady.

So there you go, the count down has officially started, 4 DAYS TO GO!!

Freme Travel Service Pte Ltd. One …
Freme Travel Service Pte Ltd. One…
Six Hundred and Eighty Seven Dolla…
Six Hundred and Eighty Seven Doll…
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