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Baggage arrival

Got up at 7 when I had only gotten to bed at 4 after spending hours chatting on msn and drinking a lot more wine than is good for me. The few hours I slept were not spent dreaming of Seville but of chatting on msn…


I had a few things left to do in the line of last minute packing and spent the last hours before the arranged pick up time checking TB once more just in case anything had happened in the 3 hours that I slept…


My sister arrived and we took the kids to her place to be babysat by her husband until my mum would arrive in Meppel.

Tre Fratelli
We were driving to Weeze to fly to Spain and my mum was arriving there from Dublin about 5 hours before our departure. Luckily the snow in
Dublin had cleared and there were no delays. We got to Weeze around 13.30 after a very wet drive and had lunch with my mum before she drove the car back to Meppel.


We then basically had to hang around the airport to wait for our departure.First we had to sort out the luggage situation as there are very strict rules now regarding hand and cabin luggage. This meant a lot of moving around of stuff between suitcases and my sister putting on a second coat so we didn’t have any extra kilo’s. As there is not a lot to do at Weeze airport we basically just sat around chatting and had a quick look around the shop.

We then checked in and went through the safety checkpoint.

Hostel room
It was a very strict one this time, it seems to vary quite a bit. We then checked out the other shop and then it was time to get on the bus that took us to the plane.


At first we ended up quite a few rows apart end our hand luggage at almost opposite ends of the plane as it was so busy, but after take-off we managed to find two seats behind each other so at least it felt like we were going on holidays together. The flight from Weeze to Seville takes about 2,5 hours and we spent that time reading, writing part of this blog and some badly needed sleep…


We arrived at Seville at 19.30 (on time, so we got to hear the horns and the announcement that once again a Ryanair flight arrived on time, yeah!). We only had to wait a short time for our checked bag and walked out of the airport to wait for the bus to take us into town. We only had to wait 15 minutes as a but leaves every half hour and the trio took about half an hour. The bus was very crowded so we had to stand most of the way but that was fine after sitting on the plane for a few hours.


We got off at the Avenida El Cid and walked to the hostel past some beautiful buildings and other points of interest which we will explore at a later stage. When we got to the hostel I started off in my best Spanish (which is not very good at all) but the guy at reception spoke English to us straight away. The walk to the room upstairs was interesting, very narrow and steps leading everywhere like a maze. The room was basic but pleasant, with a private bathroom.


After getting unpacked we walked down the road for a bite to eat and a drink, which we ended up getting at Tre Fratelli just around the corner. And yes, as the name suggests, this is an Italian restaurant, but we were just too tired to walk any further in search of a Spanish one…. Again, everyone started speaking English to us from the moment we walked in the door. We had some red wine, a starter, bread and could not resist the flan for dessert. The food was very nice, we had a nice chat and afterwards walked back to the hostel to have a good night’s sleep so we could go explore the city nice and refreshed the next day!


pms70 says:
Steve, next time I see you I will treat you to a good glass (or bottle) of wine my friend....
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
Stevie_Wes says:
LOL, I love the open admission to both TB and wine addictions that this blog entry contains... both vices I must confess to also, although I ain't had a glass of claret since my farewell meal in Rome nearly 5 months ago :( Withdraaaaaaaaaawl....
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
JP-NED says:
Leuk review en waar haal je de tijd en energie weer vandaan. Ga heerlijk genieten met je zus in deze geweldige stad. ik ben JALOERS!
GROETJES en adios!!
Posted on: Feb 09, 2009
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Baggage arrival
Baggage arrival
Tre Fratelli
Tre Fratelli
Hostel room
Hostel room
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