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 This is something new to me---writing about my experiences.It will probably bore even the most enthusiastic person on the planet to sleep! It has been just over a year since my journey, and now I feel compelled to write about it.Last year I stopped making excuses why I should not Travel,as I realized that left to my own devices,I would wake up some day too old and feeble to make a trip like I wanted to.I decided I am not the type who would be content with a tour,as certain attractions take precedence and meaning for myself,and I would be disappointed with missing what I prioritized as Must See Items.23 Days was as much time as I had,for I have to work for a living.I am not wealthy, so six thousand dollars was my limit.

  Somehow,{Probably because Eurail Pass was for 10 travel days}I picked 10 stops for my journey.

They were Cologne,Koblenz,Heidelberg,Munich,Salzburg,Berchtesgaden,Vienna,Dresden,Berlin,Frankfurt.I booked all my hotels online{As close to train stations and in my price range}to give myself some structure & timetable.I had spent probably 2 months researching my destinations so I had a pretty good Idea what I wanted to see at each stop,and I did not disappoint myself.In Hindsight,the only thing I did not prepare myself for,was conditioning of my feet.All the walking(especially up steep inclines) gave me horrible blisters on my feet,but I am stubborn and hardheaded so I would not let that slow me down.

  My thoughts now are--When Can I Go Back?The answer is hopefully someday.I got to see some of the most beautiful places on the planet.What I did not know was how good the food was!The bread alone makes me want to go back,never mind all the other stuff.The amazing thing was when I come Home(Sunny Stuart,Florida),I had lost 8 pounds!How could this be,I ate like a Horse over there!

 For the most part,not speaking German did not matter much.I had spent a little time trying to learn German before I left,so I knew a few things,could read a few things, but could not fool anybody into thinking I could speak German.Whenever I would try speaking German-I would get my answer in English---That tells you alot about my command of the German Language.Most of the people were very friendly,some were not,but that is the case anywhere you go in this world.

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