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Before traveling to Russia from friends, I heard that this is a big country, but could not suggest how many. Russia is the biggest country in the world! On this trip I met acquaintance with the guy from Russia. And besides, I have heard about people who were traveling to Russia by train from Moscow to Vladivostok! But I decided to go by car, as the guy with whom I met, have traveled by car along this route and not the first time! I flew as Moscow, where we met. Rather flew to Vladivostok. From Moscow to Vladivostok over 9000 kilometers. In Vladivostok we met people and we went for it. Once put our belongings, I went walking around the city of Vladivostok city is situated on a peninsula 30 kilometers long and very mountainous with the Golden Horn bay, which is located port. Is the island not far from Vladivostok, the largest of which Russian island fortress located where the beginning of last century to defend the city from the sea of Japanese warships. The city is very like me. The next day we went to the city of Nakhodka, which is 180 kilometers away from Vladivostok. The city is located on the Japanese Sea, as well as Vladivostok. My friend went on, and I walk around the town. When we met with my friend, he was already in the car and we went to Vladivostok. The road passes near the sea to the mountains. Very beautiful places! The next day we went from Vladivostok to Moscow. The road to be long and difficult. I admire the nature of these places. What's striking is that very few villages and towns. A friend said that more people will be less likely to occur. Khabarovsk, the nearest major city 700 kilometers away from Vladivostok, a very picturesque place. Khabarovsk, a city located on the shore of the Amur River, a very broad river. We traveled Khabarovsk not stopping for the night at the exit of the city traveled bridge across the Amur River. A further approximately 200 kilometers in the city Birabidzhan, the capital of Jewish Autonomous Region. History of the Jewish Autonomous Region is interesting: Stalin, when the leaders of the USSR decrees founded on the untapped territory of the country, Jews around the world, but also in our time 1% of the Jewish Autonomous Region accounted for the Jews. We lodged in Birobidzhane is not a big city. The morning went on. But no more roads, it is built, a lot of great technology. Places mountainous and beautiful, the road laid along the Trans-Siberian railway. The road is dirt is asphalted, in countries where I had not seen this ever. The population is very rare and striking contrast to Russia, where I was before (Moscow). Very beautiful nature and very poor people live. The driver said that wakes even more contrast. Take the bridge over the river Bureya is stele Moscow-Vladivostok. The road at this location is very good and it is here that took the road from builders Putin in 2005. And after Putin took track Chita-Khabarovsk tourists rushed here from around the world, they thought that the road is made entirely, but proved that only a small piece of road was finish, which showed Putin. But as we go farther and farther from plain rare river. In the area of the city of Svobodny is a great river Zeya. Not far from the city of Svobodny is cosmodrome from which to send rockets into space. This cosmodrome was built after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This happened because the Baikonur cosmodrome located in Kazakhstan, which is already an independent country. I don`t know when we slept, but I am very tired. Morning I saw a lot of machines, which also stopped for the night. We went ahead and met a car, which stood at the side of the road and people out of the car and walk in the woods looking for something, then found that badger they saw and decided to catch up with him, but badgers hid in the hole.


The road was not settlements, only occasional signs the names of settlements, and the impression that people here no and no, and so thousands of kilometers. The water in mountain rivers cold and clean. The settlements appeared to Chita is not reaching some 300 kilometers. Then came and paved road. After a long absence kilometers of people were very pleased to see the great city of Chita.  By the way not far from Chita in prison Hodarkovsky, formerly the richest man in Russia. And we went to the Ulan-Ude. Ulan-Ude is a city in Buryatia. The road runs through the picturesque places especially before in the Ulan-Ude. After Ulan-Ude is the road to Lake Baikal, and then along the lake for many kilometrs.  At the tops of the mountains is snow, which melts and feeds the many rivers that flow into Lake Baikal. In the Baikal water is very cold, impossible  go into the water, even in July. People on the shores of Lake Baikal live mostly at the expense of many tourists. I always wanted to visit Lake Baikal, but now has decided the following summer to go to Lake Baikal and hold a vacation, anywhere, I have not seen this. It turns Baykal deepest lake of the world's largest natural reservoir of fresh water and it is 22% of the planet's fresh water, unique place . In the town of Baikalsk works Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill, which has long been unable to close, even in Soviet times,  it severely pollute the environment. The most south-western tip of Lake Baikal Kultuk village, where the road climbs up the hill with a height you can see how big and great Baikal. From Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk hilly and wooded terrain, are small towns and villages. In Krasnoyarsk is famous for all Russia Reserve poles in the park on the right bank of the Yenisei river rocks are whimsical forms. Krasnoyarsk, a large industrial city on one of the mighty rivers of Russia Yenisey River, which passes through the Trans-Siberian Railway. As I later learned in Krasnoyarsk is a railway bridge over the River Yenisey. In 1900, the exact model of the bridge exhibited at the World Exhibition in Paris, where a par with the Eiffel Tower Bridge received a Grand Prix and a gold medal. The next major city in our way was Kemerovo-beautiful city. Then visited Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia, then had Omsk, Chelyabinsk. Between Chelyabinsk and Ufa spread Ural Mountains. Again, the road       passes between the Ural Mountains with beautiful delightful species. Kazan, we were not  to drive out, because this is a very ancient city which in 2005  celebrate the year 1000. In the Kazan Kremlin is, he  white, unlike the Moskow Kremlin, in the Kremlin located a huge mosque and several churches. Kazan is situated on the River Volga. The next large city of our trip was Nizhny Novgorod,  there also is a red brick Kremlin is located on the shores of the Volga. Also a very ancient city.  Between the Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow, 400 kilometers by the standards of Russia is not a lot.  We went   Vladimir, too, the ancient city of Russia, but there is no Kremlin, but a lot of different ancient monuments, temples, churches. The city is the Golden Ring of Russia. And on the twelfth day of travel, we arrived in Moscow. Moscow, I will not describe because it says a lot about Moscow. From Moscow, we went to the West in another ancient city of Russia Smolensk, a city located on the west. In Smolensk located Kremlin. Located city on the river Dnepr. City 1100 years. And then again in Moscow. At that even drew the attention that Russia is very good and open people. Travel I am very pleased and very tired even  I am not sorry that went so far way from Nakhodka to Smolensk 10000 kilometers. On the whole trip I took 20 days. I saw all Russia from east to west, beauty, which did not see anywhere else, meet to interesting people.







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