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It's been more than 12 years since I've visited Trier, which is the oldest town in Germany. I was only a little girl, but the fact that I remember so much of it, illustrates perfectly what a wonderful place this is.

When the Roman emperor August build this city he named it Augusta Treverorum, and for some time it became the capital of the West Roman Empire. Therefore, Trier is most known for it's Roman monuments and architecture, like the Porta Negra. And these Roman remains are declared UNESCO world inheritance. Although, there are several other things to admire in this amazing town.

The city is placed in a beautiful region, called the Moezel. Known for it's wine, this is not only a great place to taste the different brands, but also to admire the lovely landscape, where grape covered slopes meet the Moezel river. I remember we made long walks through the scenery, and that my brother and I had to drink a lot of grape juice while my parents went from one place to another drinking wine. We didn't get the fun of that at such early age though. I think I should go back and taste for myself ;)

There's a nice website about Trier that is also available in English:
jostravel says:
It is really strange reading this - for you it will be many years since you visited, but your first sentence rang true to me - it is 12 years since I visited Trier! I loved it there. Really lovely reminiscing over where I went via your reviews and blog.
Posted on: Apr 10, 2016
Chokk says:
Trier is a nice place - I liked it when I was there:)
Posted on: Dec 08, 2008
lauro says:
i like the latin name of trier!

"augusta triverorum"

this city is just magical! its so damn old! and in 40 minutes you are in luxembourg city ^_^
Posted on: Dec 08, 2008
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