after 4 1/2 hours we are back at home!!!

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tickets back to Lima... so cheap, just US$3 something...
We were lucky we were able to arrive to the bus station just on time for the next bus to Lima. We arrived to Barranca, got something to eat really quick and then went to the station. It was 5 and the next (and last bus) was leaving at 5:20pm, uffff, good job!

Eric and I took the bus. Elena would go further north... The drive was long and they were playing old Van Damme's movies. Not my favorites :P Nevermind, by the time we arrived to the station, we were just 10 people in the bus. The bus made 5 stops and most of the people left. We arrived to one of the unsafest areas of Lima and I can't deny I was a bit afraid, but we'd survive.

We tried to find a cab, but nobody wanted to drive to Surco. Finally we found one, who didn't overcharge us. We took it, but before going home we made a quick stop at Bembo's.
trying to explain how was getting to Caral
So Eric would get a hamburger, haha.

Finally we arrived home at 11pm. After saying hi to my parents, we went upstairs to unpack and take a shower. I was covered by sand, ugh. After a refreshing shower I felt back to life, haha. My parents, Eric and I went to the kitchen and had a glass of wine, while we were telling them about our visit to Caral and how complicated is going there. Wow! everything started talking about Caral, but we ended with topics like Worldwar 3, life in the farm, architecture, science, school, so bizarre, but so much fun too! Hey! I didn't notice it was getting late until I saw Gunther stopped to be so active. Finally we turned off the lights at 2am!

Don't need to say I slept like a baby that night. ;)
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tickets back to Lima... so cheap, …
tickets back to Lima... so cheap,…
trying to explain how was getting …
trying to explain how was getting…
Barranca Main Square
Barranca Main Square
photo by: rsvpme