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enjoying "I hope they serve beer in hell". That book made him laughed a lot, haha
Eric's last weekend in Lima was getting closer and we didn't have any fixed plan. The only thing we knew was the fact that we'd like to travel, but where to go? Maybe to the beach, but what about Cusco and Machu Picchu? We both have already been there, but Machu Picchu and Cusco are magical.

Last night I started to do my research for airline tickets. Cusco is always an expensive destination, but I was lucky and found a good deal. But before buying the air tickets we had to be sure we'd be able to find train tickets to Machu Picchu. I contacted a tour operator there, but when we checked the info online, they had a special offer for purchases online, sweet!!! But we couldn't end the transaction, grrr.
I'll be here waiting for you... :(
Nevermind, I called them and they would wait for us to pay the tickets when we arrived to Cusco. Ok, now we just had to think about accomodation. Eric took care of the accomodation in Machu Picchu, but we were still missing accomodation in Cusco, for our 1st and last night. Oh well! We'd be able to find where to crash, haha.

Everything was almost ready. The only problem was that I couldn't pay for the air tickets, because it was too late. I had luck and could find same price next morning. Now, focusing on packing. The big challenge for me would be packing everything just in 1 back pack! Oh no! The same one I use for the gym, nooo!!! There is not enough space. But Eric was the supervisor and didn't let me take more things than the ones I'd really need. But I managed to take extra shirts ;) Just hopping I wasn't forgetting anything.
snowmountains! we are getting closer to Cusco...

I was working, packing and suddenly it was time to go. Eric couldn't believe I was wearing high heels for the flight haha. Well, a woman knows the importance of wearing nice shoes ;). We had lunch at home with my dad and the taxi drove us to the airport. It was quick at the airport since we just had carry on bags - wow! this makes things really easier! - besides our boarding passes were ready. So, we went straight to the gate. We sat to wait for our flight and a girl approached to me. She was also Peruvian and was traveling by her own to Cusco, in order to do some research work. Ana Maria was talking first in Spanish, but then switched to English. She was wondering if we could hang out together in the city. Of course!!!

Well, it was time to board the plane. Usually the flights to Cusco are full, but this one wasn't. So, Ana Maria moved to an empty seat next to us. During the flight I was telling her we didn't have accommodation in Cusco for that night. No problem, she said. She'd ask the lady she's staying at and would let us know if we could stay there. That would be awesome! So we exchanged cell phone numbers and enjoyed our quick flight to the beautiful Cusco.
yadilitta says:
I totally understand you. When I was backpacking in Europe had to took flipflops, snickers and high heel sandals ;)
Posted on: Dec 15, 2008
misstravel89 says:
Yes, I know! I like to make a RTW Trip next year, and my mum said, 1flipflop 1 shoes, I said: NO! 1 flipflop 3 shoes. Can't live without it ;)
Posted on: Dec 15, 2008
yadilitta says:
haha, shoes always a problem for packing, haha.
Posted on: Dec 15, 2008
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enjoying I hope they serve beer i…
enjoying "I hope they serve beer …
Ill be here waiting for you... :(
I'll be here waiting for you... :(
snowmountains! we are getting clos…
snowmountains! we are getting clo…
boarding pass, airport taxes paid,…
boarding pass, airport taxes paid…
overflying the lower part of highl…
overflying the lower part of high…
the landscape changed
the landscape changed
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