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don't go!!!!
Since Elena and I met, she was telling me about her idea of going to the north of Lima and asked me if I'd like to join her. I loved the idea, but then I was thinking about my family and the fact I didn't spend much time with them since I came back from MI. Not only because I were busy, but also because I had a guest and we have been going out almost every night. Today my parents surprised us having lunch at home, totally unexpected.

While we were having lunch and chatting, actually it was fun how Eric "talked" to my parents, since just mom speaks a bit English, haha, I mentioned the fact Eric was going to Caral and I would stay in Lima. Caral is the most ancient city and was recently discovered. It's still not so popular, but it's very interesting. During the past year I had 2 opportunities to visit it, but unfortunately no of them became true. This was my 3rd chance and I was about loosing it, again... My dad was happy with the idea I'd spend a quiet weekend at home, but my mom's eyes were wide open! "Have you been in Caral?" I said: "no" and she just asked me: "What are you waiting for? Let's do it NOW!". So I guessed that I used reverse psycology without knowing it, haha. So much fun!

We packed fast and at 5pm we were ready to leave. We met Elena at her hostel and took a cab to the bus station, which was located in a not very nice area of the city, but whatever. The drive to Barranca, the closest town, would last 4hrs something. I'd need just a bit of patience ;)
yadilitta says:
I had fun too :)
Posted on: Dec 11, 2008
enesterova says:
thanks a lot again for going with me, it was so much fun! xxxx
Posted on: Dec 11, 2008
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dont go!!!!
don't go!!!!
If I can cross it, would you take …
If I can cross it, would you take…
ok, you hurt my feelings...
ok, you hurt my feelings...
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