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Busway Route Map
I'm quoting the first sentence Wikitravel wrote about get around in Jakarta: "Getting around Jakarta is a problem. The city layout is chaotic and totally bewildering, traffic is indisputably the worst in South-East Asia with horrendous traffic jams (macet "MAH-chet") slowing the city to a crawl during rush hour, and the current railway system is inadequate to say the least" which is true!
So the best transportation alternative I can came up with is the Busway. What is Busway? again, i quote the Wikitravel (ah, I'm just too lazy).
"The Transjakarta Busway (in Indonesian known as busway) is modern, air-conditioned and generally comfortable, although the bus is often crowded during rush hour. Unlike Jakarta's other buses, busway buses shuttle on fully dedicated lanes and passengers must use dedicated stations with automatic doors, usually found in the middle of large thoroughfares connected to both sides by overhead bridges. The system is remarkably user-friendly by Jakartan standards, with station announcements and an LED display inside the purpose-built vehicles. Buses run from 5 AM to 10 PM daily. Tickets cost a flat Rp 2,000 before 7 am, and Rp 3,500 after. Transfers between lines are free". The description should filled you about why Busway is the best recommendation. Busway has it's own dedicated lanes which can avoid traffic jam as much as possible. The routes are fixed, prevent you from getting lost. And the rate considerably cheap and they are cheap price, that will prevent you from those who wants to rip a foreigner off by marking up the rate (believe me there are many of them in Jakarta). And you can enjoy Jakarta city views!!
There are 7 routes Busway all across Jakarta, and the government planned to have more of them. So that should be enough for now.

Dont worry, we'll be writing more about transportation...
milltownmeadow says:
Thank you this was good to know for my New Year's trip.
Posted on: Dec 07, 2008
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Busway Route Map
Busway Route Map
photo by: cicie