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We were planning to see the Christmas market in Kleve. It should be very interesting so we went along with no money in our pockets. (this turned out to be stupid!) We did not know which direction to drive to, so we choose the upper city that is where the park is. Finally we saw the market, but not a place for the car. So we drove a little bit further. Yes there was a parking. But the Christmas park was far from the town. So we assumed it would not be possible to get there any cash or use the card. So we drove further and further, no bank in sight. We were thinking what can we do? So we drove back all the way to Kleve. Yep, thousands of people trying to park their cars. After searching for half an hour we found a place to park. Of course we would like to drink something and eat a warm Apfelstrudel.  The coffee was ok, but the apfelstrudel was not good, they heated it in the microwave so the texture was  tough, and the inside cold.

 To bad. But we still were searching for a bank. In the middle of the street we finally found one. But is was late already. I saw the castle and that was the  only interesting thing what Kleve has to offer in the old city. (except a lot of shops)  What to do now, it started to rain a bit and we had promised our son to buy Kaiserschmarren. Believe it or not, we have a least spent one and a half hour searching for shops who sell this. The last shop did sell these. But now they don’t anymore. I bought them all!!!!  And One for Walter!!!  Going back to the Christmas market wasn’t an option anymore, because at 5 o clock “Sinterklaas” was visiting the Christmas market to say goodbye to the children. And then it would be very crowded. So we went home.



Kleve is located on a lateral moraine from the iceage.

That is the reason Kleve is hilly. There is an downtown and upper town. When you walk in the main street of Kleve, there where the shops are, you will notice that you have to walk upon a hill. (today 6dec 2008) there was a little tourist train bringing the people to the highest point. In 1242 the city received its privilege of a town.

When you are half way the “climb” turn left and you will see the castle, Schwanenburg this is the name the castle received in the beginning of the 19th century. Before that it was called Klever Burg.

The eldest parts of the castle remain from 10th century. It probably was build on the remains of an Roman post in the year 55 after Christ. The big tower is called in 1450 Schwanen Turm. In the castle is a geographic museum. So if you like you can visit this. We just walked around the castle.

YantiSoeparno says:
What is Kaiserschmarren? Can I have one too? I want one like Wally :-)
Posted on: Dec 06, 2008
gejah says:
ha ha your welcome!
Posted on: Dec 06, 2008
gemini59 says:
I'm sooo honored to be mentioned in your blog :P
Posted on: Dec 06, 2008
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