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As the plane approached Tromsø Jude and I started squealing like a couple of children... there was absolutely tons of snow... and when I say tons I mean an amount that I have never seen in England ever. The kind of amount that we could muck about like children in and have snowball fights without it running out! Once the plane had landed and the doors opened we got out first experience of Arctic air... and we both thought that it was surprisingly not as cold as we were expecting it to be - at this point we just had jeans, t-shirts and thermal tops on. Our opinion soon changed - no less than 30 seconds after saying it wasn't that cold... we decided it was in fact freezing. Thankfully we only had to walk a short distance to the main airport building where we amused some Norwegian people for the 2nd time... I'm guessing not everyone asks to have their passport stamped any more, but I like to fill mine with as many stamps as possible so I can remember the places I have been. We asked the border control people if we could have stamps and they looked at us and laughed... but stamped our passports WOOHOO!

Once we had collected our baggage we decided to pay 55 NOK each to get the shuttlebus to the hotel rather than 150 NOK to get a taxi. 25 minutes later while still sat on the bus at the airport we were regretting our decision. After having landed at 11.20pm the bus finally left just after midnight, and took us to our hotel, the Thon Polar.

When we were booking the trip we had a specific budget and the only 2 hotels that were in our budget were the Thon and the Viking. We decided to go with the Thon because it ws a little cheaper as breakfast was not included and neither of us normally eat breakfast. I looked up the Thon on the internet and there were both good and bad reviews but Jude and I both thought at the end of the day it's a budget hotel, as long as it has a bed and is clean then it will be fine. Then we arrived at our hotel and thought maybe it wouldn't be so fine...

We were greeted by someone on reception who didn't appear to actually want to be there, and I think we inconvienenced him a little by showing up at 12.30am, we managed to get our key and made our way to the odd lift (picture a normal door and a lift door shuts when you press the button). Our room was on the 7th floor, we came out of the lift and walked into what should have been a corridor but actually resembled a building site, there were no ceiling tiles on the ceiling - it was all open and looked like there was a lot of electrical work going on. We nervously walked down the corridor to our room and went inside. The room itself was fine, it was small and there was no where to hang any clothes but it had beds, was clean and had a lovely view of the cathedral. We eventually got to bed around 1.30am and set our alarm for 8.30am as Wednesday was dog sledding trip day. After 6 hours sleep the building work started right outside our room...

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photo by: Biedjee