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Woke up at 6am and went running round the lake like I promised myself I would. All 5km. Obviously I walked some of it when I was dying and could no longer keep up with this old man. It was worth it though because I saw an awesome sunrise when I got up, and I love getting up early here because there's so much life in the mornings. Managed to get two Vietnamese sandwiches for 10,000D (which is WELL cheap because usually they're that price each). I think she gave me too much change but I'm not complaining. Got back to Long Binh (our hotel) and woke Livia up and had a shower and dropped my already broken, super-glued glasses on the floor which I guess entitled the whole lens to crack down the middle. Thankfully I can still see; it just looks like a big annoying scratch.

Anyway, we got on the tour bus and got taken to Prenn waterfalls which were really nice and we got to walk behind the water on some rickety broken bridge that had bits missing and at one point there were three of us hovering on like a wire or something. Next stop on our whistle stop tour was a pagoda that's only 16 years old and was built for this monk that still lives there and he seemed pretty cool and content in his yellow robes. It was just so calm and peaceful and clean. After that we went to a really boring 'Last King of Vietnamese Summer Palace' and then onto the Crazy House designed by Ho Chi Minh's niece or something and it were similar to those crooked houses in the fair. For once, the lunch was actually filling and I ended up getting 3 bananas. Yay. After lunch we went to a silk making thing and this random sweet shop thing that had tea that tasted like ashtrays.

Got back to the hotel and then went for food in this place where they watched us eating whilst playing cards. Watched some more funny movies and Livia warned us not to wake Daffy up. Basically the room next door has no window apart from the conjoining windows with our room and we said it was like Leonardo DiCaprio's room in 'The Beach' where Daffy kills himself (Khao San Road, Bangkok). Anyway, the one in the bathroom we found out has no glass or anything because we threw a bit of paper through it so now Daffy might stick his face through. Ew, if we're in the bathroom at the same time his poo will ventilate into our room!

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photo by: Biedjee