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After our night of plotting escape plans, they all failed when we woke up and saw the guy was there. Damn. He let us leave our bags there for the day while we went and picked up our visas.. More queueing and waiting basically. More smelling of dim sum. Headed back to pick up our bags and then went to Hung Hom. It should have taken us like 10 minutes but the dotty line on the underground map somehow meant that we couldn't change lines where we thought we could so ended up going round in a big circle. Got to the station and showed the card the tickets were booked on and she looked confused. They were booked for 1630. Crap. It was 1745. I don't know how I managed it but I SWEAR I booked the 1815 train. Note to self: Don't have so many tabs open at the same time! Anyway, we managed to get seats and it was all fine. So many people. Seriously. It was only a two hour journey and we passed time by playing pontoon/black jack/21/ whatever you want to call it. Ended up betting all the stuff in our pockets. "I bet you... 2 bottles of water and the hand sanitizer for your passport!" Good times. Livia still has my watch that I need to win back L

Got to Guangzhou, with yet another lack of plan. Thankfully I had printed off some hostel names and roads with descriptions but we only had some rubbish map some tout guy gave us. And then we saw it, a 24hour McDonalds. It was like 8pm, dark, cold, and we had no plan. This was our plan. We were seriously thinking about staying there. We ended up buying some curry nuggets because they kept looking at us (I know, really bad we had McDonalds in Asia but at least it was curry flavour!) 90 minutes later we decided we couldn't do this (and I also realised by this time that the information had the metro station for the hostels) so we headed back to the station and got on the metro and went to Huang Sha. From this point forward we really were by ourselves. We knew it was opposite the 'White Swan' Hotel and I saw this big building and was fairly certain that was it. Nobody spoke English. It was hard enough trying to buy tube tickets and got so confused when we were presented with a little black token. Anyway, we saw these kids with those really 'cool' big glasses and he sort of pointed a direction to us. Still was getting lost, so we asked a taxi driver who had no idea and thankfully this woman came up to us and asked if we needed help. She gave us exact directions. It was like 10.30 by now and I was fairly certain the hostel would be closed/full. On our walk there we saw one of those really nice oriental parks with shelters and stuff and decided if the hostel was closed we'd stay there for the night playing cards.

Then we saw it like a big glowing.... well, sign. It was open! And they exactly 2 beds left. 60yuan per bed which is cheaper than HK but still expensive. We've found somewhere in Hanoi that is the equivalent price for a whole double room with bathroom. It's a really clean hostel though, and free Internet hence all this writing. We said hello to a few people after stinking out the room with curry nuggets and then went to bed. Now, these beds are apparently like all Chinese beds, i.e. a big slab of concrete underneath a sheet. I ended up laying on top of my duvet just for extra padding.

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