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Arrived in Bangkok at about 6am which by that time meant the place alive and kicking. Everyone just doing their thing, nobody really bothered me. I walked around for ages trying to find the stupid local bus depot because only one sign was in English. Dripping in sweat I finally found it and waited for the number 3 bus. Ages later the bus conductor assumed I wanted to get off at Khao San Road (which was close enough for where I wanted to go) and he ended up not charging me a fare! After asking everyone where Apple 2 Guesthouse was, and them not even knowing the main road it was off, I somehow finally found it, down a really small soi tucket right at the end. Was greeted by a really calm, smiley man who showed me to a 4 person dorm room with 2 windows and no people for 100B! Where else in Bangkok could you find a room like that? Before I found Apple I went to some other hotel where they provided a box with a door and a bed and no window for 300B!

I met this girl from Chile who shortly ran out of the room crying because the guy who was in the dorm last night stole all her money (?) Anyway, Smiley gave me a REALLY cool useful map of the area that labelled absolutely everything from actual hotels and shops, to just where the night food stalls where and the stalls that “but absolutely anything” (it’s called Siam smile map- Bangkok walking issue, I suggest everyone get one!) So off I trotted to Democracy Monument and Ratchadamnoen Klang (what Livia and I now called Harry Road- long story and I don’t think I can safely explain it on the internet!) I finally found the post office and enquired about posting half of my backpack home, so I didn’t have to break my back anymore. Travelling light really is the way forward. Walked around in circles a couple of times and ended up at Khao San Road again and bought a new 40 litre backpack which technically means I have to post 35 litres worth of stuff back home which is like 10kgs!

Later on I went back down Harry Road and came across the Royal Pavilion that everyone prays to even when they’re on the bus passing! Ate some more meat ball things on sticks and sat down to rest. Some random man started talking to me and obviously I thought he was a on man but he wasn’t, he was just really helpful and weird. He took me to the big standing Buddha… he just said it was called Big Buddha so I don’t know what the real name is… and all round and about the local area taking the little sois away from the traffic… I was starting to feel a bit weird about the whole thing so finally managed to shake him off. I hate this feeling, like he might have just been really friendly and nice but I just can’t seem to let my guard down!

I went to meet Livia at the train station since I now knew Bangkok like the back of my hand… not. Long story short, I thought the subway station on my map was a skytrain so told her to meet me at Hua Lumpong skytrain as oppose to the fat up train station where we wouldn’t have found each other. She asked people where the skytrain was and ended up far far away at National Stadium! Since I was a bit late because I got lost in China town (I decided to walk from Khao San area to the station…) I decided to wait for a while and saw the sunset and then realised she wasn’t here and went to internet café like we agreed if we didn’t meet. Turns out she somehow managed to find the hostel! So off I went back home and was reunited again!


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photo by: Deats