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Was meant to wake up early today but Livia's phone was still set to English time so woke up late and we had no idea whether it was still dark because of our 'view' i.e. piece of shit dark hole/tunnel between our part and the next part of the building with loads of air-conditioning-fag-ash-boxes in the way.

Finally got ready and went off to do our embassy thing. I had my trusty map and sense of direction and Livia had her hands with the L and and non-L on them, so we did our whole walking around Hong Kong like it was our home thing. On the way to the Vietnamese Consulate we walked past some food shop that some nice smell. Every time we smell food we just want it! We finally got to the Consulate, which was more like one of those really small post offices. Filled out our official visa form which was practically handwritten. Handed it in and had another conversation.

"When can we get the visa?"

He pointed to the calendar, "Monday, 5pm" (It was Tuesday and we wanted to get out ASAP because of the ridiculous pricing)

"Is there a quicker one?"

He looked confused.

"Quicker... er, sooner? Closer? Today?"

"Today, 5pm"

Okay, cool. Sorted. Handed over $450 each because we got the fast track service it cost more, but we worked out overall all this fast tracking would be cheaper than staying there for another 5 days. He then took our money, forms, and passports and started doing something else like we were finished. I asked for a receipt which was another mission but somehow managed. He then looked confused and asked us if we paid! Mine and Livia's hearts were beating as we had literally covered the whole counter with all our lose change and given it to him. He then opened a drawer and where there was seriously like $500,000 and we like pointed that our's was in there. He was happy enough. We then realised that we needed our passports for the Chinese Visa and somehow managed to get them back.

On the way to the Chinese Embassy we stopped for some Dim Sum (surprise) and they like $4 each so we got a few (surprise.) As we were leaving we saw some meat dish. Lots of meat on rice. We like our meaT. With a capital T.

Off to the Chinese Embassy we went. Doing the whole walking thing again. It was closed. Reopened in an hour so we strolled down to the the 'Forever Blooming Bauhiam' Square and looked across the harbour to the manky Kowloon side and came back to the embassy with 30 minutes to go. There was a queue. Finally it opened and we got siphoned through. It was very different to the Vietnamese embassy in the sense of security, organisation, language, and well- everything. Took about 2 hours but we sorted it all our.

Just walked around after that and ended up in some market where I bought some trousers (Other than the disgusting trackie bottoms, I only had shorts and it was cold in HK)

Got back to the 'hotel' and we had changed rooms to a single, which was still $200/night! But we could both fit on this single bed (which was almost a double) in our sleeping bag liners. We then had more space to actually move in. The toilet was even crazier with water almost overflowing when we flushed it (We got overly excited and Livia filmed it...) We stayed up all night plotting ways to escape in the morning without paying because it was so expensive! We were so desperate we even thought about going into the Satan's Lair hole tunnel thing.

huibdos says:
Sell your story to a movie maker!
But then you have to use satan's tunnel on your way out:)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
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