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Got up at 10, had pho, got bus to Vinpearl Land. Overspent our daily budget and got onto the cable car which took us over the ocean for like 10 minutes while some brat was screaming the whole time. We went to waterpark first since that closed earliest and it was slightly sunny (me being a whitey managed to get sunburnt). Went on a few boring slides (the ones like stairs that you go down with a mat) and then we went on the one that ends up being a bowl at the end of the tube. Scraped my back on that and managed to come to a complete stop in the bowl. I was wearing shorts so that might have been the problem. Next we went on a horrible steep slide that gave me a wedgey and my top got tangled up and lets just say passers by saw more than they needed.
Spent the next few hours getting ripped up by slides, getting stuck, and drowning- the usual really.
Also went to underwater world where a conveyor belt took us through- well, the underwater bit. Then we went to the theme park, went on a few rides, bumper cars included (attacked some little kid because he stole the car Livia wanted) and then went home.
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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85