Vietnam Vo Dich! Best Christmas Eve.

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Went on another Sinh Cafe tour to Ninh Binh today (the inland Halong bay). Saw these identical temples and ate a lunch that was too small (as seems to be the case quite often). Got a boat ride to 'Three Caves' (totally forgotten the Vietnamese name) through all the green weed filled, but yet quite shallow river. The rowers kept hassling us for money and demanding a tip so we quickly walked away once we got off the boat.

Got back to Hanoi and had food at some MASSIVE street kitchen near the bia hoi places, it was so packed and there were like 10 bottles and a litre of meat juice around my feet. Got some awesome food (can't remember what, just that it was awesome) and tried to use the toilet which turned out to be an actual dark room with no apparent drainage system. We asked a woman where the hole was and she showed us how to ‘go’ which basically seemed to be “squat anywhere in the room and hope for the best.” So we went to 'Loo Pub' instead and I was like "where's the loo?" and they didn't understand which had me and Livia in hysterics as usual.

Got back to the hostel and hung out there for while. Everybody was really drunk (it being Christmas eve in an almost all Australian hostel) and went to an Irish pub so Livia and I being Vietnamese and all, left for bia hoi. No scary lady this time because she was really grumpy before. At our new stall, we met a group of Canadians who told us about the street party crowd thing because Vietnam won the AFF Cup for the first time (well actually, they won the ‘first leg’ of the AFF cup finals). So we went to the lake (where else?!) and joined what seemed to be every student in Hanoi, and they gave us flags and head bands saying "Vietnam Vo Dich" (Vietnam Number 1!) and everybody was on motorbikes in gridlock and they were all really friendly shaking our hands and saying thank you and being so patriotic. Even though it was chaotic, it somehow seemed organised and friendly, i.e. no violence reminiscent of English football fan. It was just awesome and definitely the best Christmas Eve EVER! Finally went home at like 3am, while the Vietnamese carried on partying the night away.
ngoclinh says:
Yeah, I can imazing how great it was. You seemly couldn't move because of thousands or millions of motornike around you, but love to be a part of that chaos crowd. So proud!!
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
roxyiana says:
Ah, you missed out! It was amazing, so fun and so nice how well behaved everybody was compared to england :)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
ngoclinh says:
Hey,you were lucky. I wasn't here on that day. Heard that it was a great day.
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
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