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Got a rip off bus to Sihanoukville. Was such a funny ride because these really happy Finnish guys were singing and stuff and these American girls got really aggressive about it and basically the Finnish ripped the shit out of the Americans, as per. Went to a place called Utopia where their best option for a room was a balcony above the bar so we took is since EVERYWHERE else was fully. Went to the market and bought some hammocks for a couple of dollars, and I got some papaya. Went back and set up 'camp'. Did some flying (handing out flyers) along the beach for Utopia because we got free accommodation, $5 bar tab, and 25% off food.

Went to Happy Herb Pizza (self explanatory) and went to the ‘Happy Hippi’ and bought some stuff, he was a really nice guy with a Vietnamese wife and a little baby daughter. He was convinced when his kid grew up she would know nothing about his… ‘profession’ well, other than when she stumbled in on his little green house. He gave us a card and said “If on the rare occasion, the police come, show them this” we looked at it, a simple Nirvana-esque smiley face- our get out of jail free card… right.

Back in Utopia there an all night party happening, after we used up our bar tab mostly on snicker shakes (seriously good) we retreated to our room. Sorry, balcony with cheap-ass hammocks, which meant lack of sleep and the ever-breaking hammock.
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