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Woke up bright and early this morning to get our 7am bus to Kep. Got to Kep by around midday and got a tuk-tuk to Kep Seaside hotel ($7) which was our first of many encounters with 'David' the driver and his cronies. Kep is amazingly astonishingly beautiful, tranquil, calm and quiet, and probably a lot of other adjectives, which I don’t have the brains to distinguish between. Thankfully not many tourists come here. Our hotel (Kep Lodge) is right on the calm waters of the sea and has hammocks and stuff outside. After waiting for ages for Livia to do her washing we went for a walk and only found expensive food (seriously, I wasn't being stingy, it was actually like English prices.) So we went to the Crab Market where it was still expensive but we got fish and rice for a reasonable amount. And we sat above the beach overlooking the sea watching people wade through the water catching lobster and the like.

Booked a boat tour to Rabbit Island for tomorrow and it was 'David' that gave us our tickets and he invited us out tonight to Kukuluku which turned out to be eventful. Watched the sunset on the end of the pier, totally by ourselves. It was so nice, just over the water and we could actually see the apparent motion of the Sun by the second as we were moving 300,000 metres per second through space.

On our walk to Kukuluku it was pitch black (Kep seems to have not invested in street lamps) we passed some house where this guy was wearing skin coloured Speedos so it looked like he was naked. Walked away from him only to walk into the path of some growling dog. Seriously, you'd think by now we'd be used to dogs- especially after eating one- but no. All the dogs are trained guarders probably carrying rabies and Cambodia has next-to-nothing in the sense of health care. So we stood in the road for ages, contemplating going back and swimming to Kukuluku. Eventually we just walked past (albeit, after the dog wandered off for food) and got to Kukuluku. Had a look at the rooms and booked a $2.50 dorm bed for tomorrow (the dorm is empty) and ordered some beers. ‘David’ and his tuk-tuk gang came, Map Guy and Bob Marley included (they were the only normal ones.) After getting really bored of them Livia and I did our fake sneeze signal and left.
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photo by: siri